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Law & Public Safety

Feds Plan an End to Use of Private Facilities to House Inmates

The Department of Justice will begin the process of curtailing, with an eye toward ending, its use of private prisons to house federal inmates. Inmates' rights advocates have been saying for years that prisons for profit are bad business.

NJ Volunteers Help Louisiana Flood Victims

The Red Cross says it has 15 volunteers from New Jersey in Louisiana right now and that number is expected to grow in the next few weeks.

Cannabis Remains on DEA’s Most Dangerous Drugs List, But Agency Ruling Expands Research

The Drug Enforcement Administration rejected a petition to loosen restrictions on cannabis. Marijuana remains a Schedule I drug, keeping it at the same level as PCP, LSD and heroin and a level above cocaine and Oxycontin.

ELEC Unable to Meet Because of Vacancies

The Election Law Enforcement Commission oversees campaign financing for every election in the state. But for the last five months its board of commissioners, which punishes violators, has been unable to meet because three of the four seats are vacant.

Drones Help Bergen County Emergency Responders

The Bergen County Office of Emergency Management has used drones to search for a homicide suspect in Midland Park and to find a missing person in Little Ferry.

Are Reforms Needed For Megan’s Law?

The sex offender registry was created by Megan’s Law and classifies those convicted of sex crimes into one of three tiers, resulting in different levels of scrutiny.

Lakewood Condo Posts Rules Designating Gender-Segregated Swim

Some condo owners in Lakewood are getting fired up over what they say are discriminatory rules regarding gender-segregated pool rules.

Newark Monitor Hopes to Enact Police Reform

Peter Harvey, the federally appointed monitor of the Newark Police Department, is working on a five-year plan to reform the institution.

Same-Sex Couples Sue Over Fertility Treatment

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield says they were following the state mandate that requires women to prove their infertility through “two years of unprotected sex with a man” with no regard for their sexual orientation.

A Wrongful Conviction ‘Destroyed’ This Man’s Life

Dion Harrell was convicted of rape in 1999. Over 20 years later, DNA proved his innocence and cleared his record, but not after prison and years of living on the sex offender registry destroyed his life.