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2016 National Night Out Events In NJ

Check out National Night Out events in New Jersey for 2016.

Christie Talks Security, Melania Trump Controversy Day After Prime Time RNC Speech

Taking part in a panel discussion on security issues, Gov. Christie talked about China, Russia, ISIS, Israel and how the Trump campaign handled the controversy over Melania Trump's speech.

Divide Between Police, Communities Persists

Violence has erupted targeting police officers after video has shown members of law enforcement in deadly confrontations with African-American citizens. Now departments in New Jersey are working to bridge the divide and keep officers safe.

Security Tight in Cleveland for RNC

The city of Cleveland swore in 2,000 out-of-state officers to assist its group of 500 and added 3,000 federal officers assigned to RNC security.

Democrats Want to Revamp Guidelines for Police Involved Shootings

Under a proposal Democratic leaders are pushing, the attorney general’s office would oversee an independent investigation by a special prosecutor in cases of police involved shootings.

Debate Over Gun Rentals

New Jersey law lets authorized shooting ranges rent firearms to any 18-year-old with a photo ID -- no gun license required -- for up to eight hours a day. One gun range owner says he doesn't rent weapons because of security and safety concerns. But others say it's a good way for people to learn how to use a firearm safely.

David Samson Pleads Guilty, Jamie Fox Criminally Charged with Conspiracy for ‘Chairman’s Flight’

Former Port Authority Chairman David Samson pleaded guilty and Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox is being criminally charged for pressuring United Airlines into providing a flight from Newark to Columbia, South Carolina.

Fire Departments Focus on Solar Panel Safety

Firefighters say solar panel installation creates limited access to the roof, where they vent the smoke from a burning building, and poses the threat of electrocution.

Jersey City Hopes More Diverse Police Department Produces Better Results

Police in Jersey City celebrated the elevation of their comrades to positions of leadership.

Affordable Housing Ruling Overturned

An appellate court ruled that towns do not have to provide a specific amount of extra housing to cover additional affordable housing needs that accumulated over 16 years.