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Law & Public Safety

Rip Current Warning at Jersey Shore Ahead of Labor Day

Gaston is churning up ocean waters and has led to rip current warnings at beaches along the Jersey Shore.

Officials Push Bill to Devote Money to Storm Response Planning

County officials support a bill that would establish annual grants for county offices of emergency management, based on that county’s risk of exposure to natural disasters, and devote that money to better storm response planning.

CDC Survey Shows Devastating Portrayal of Growing Up LGBT

A first-of-its-kind, nationwide study from the Centers for Disease Control shows elevated rates of bullying, physical violence, rape, depression, suicide, drug use, STDs and unintended pregnancy among America’s sexual minority students.

Antitrust Laws and Keeping up with the Modern Economy

Designed to promote competition, antitrust laws in today's economy may have a harder time keeping up due to how quickly innovation occurs.

Christie Conditionally Vetoes Two Gun Bills

Gov. Christie conditionally vetoed two gun control bills. One would have mandated gun shops sell smart guns and the other would have required stricter criteria for concealed carry permits.

Fired Paramus Catholic Employee’s Suit Allowed to Move Forward

Paramus Catholic High School says it fired Kate Drumgoole as girls head basketball coach and guidance dean because she was in a same-sex marriage, a decision protected by the First Amendment. But a Bergen County judge ruled Drumgoole's lawsuit against the school can move forward.

Where NJ Colleges Stand in Number of Campus Sexual Assaults

According to the U.S. Department of Education, Rutgers had the highest number of reported rapes in New Jersey in 2014, the seventh most in the nation.

Same-Sex Couple Sues Paramus Catholic Over Firing

Paramus Catholic High School fired Kate Drumgoole after learning she was in a same-sex marriage. They claim they had a First Amendment religious right to fire her.

Feds Plan an End to Use of Private Facilities to House Inmates

The Department of Justice will begin the process of curtailing, with an eye toward ending, its use of private prisons to house federal inmates. Inmates' rights advocates have been saying for years that prisons for profit are bad business.

NJ Volunteers Help Louisiana Flood Victims

The Red Cross says it has 15 volunteers from New Jersey in Louisiana right now and that number is expected to grow in the next few weeks.