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Law & Public Safety

Newark Police Roll Out Body Cameras for Cops, Dashboard Cameras for Cars

Members of the Newark Police Department will be equipped with body cameras and dashboard cameras in an effort to increase transparency and better community relations.

Rutgers DREAMer Faces Possible Deportation

Rutgers student and DREAMer Carimer Andujar received a letter from ICE ordering her to attend a deportation hearing. In response, the community and state legislators have come to her aid.

Lawmakers Hear Details About NJ Prison System

The Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony from the state corrections commissioner about how crime and the state's prison population are down.

Morristown Adopts Safe Place Program to Protect LGBTQ Community

Storefronts in Morristown that are marked by rainbow decals are part of program called Safe Place. The program aims to protect the LGBTQ community from hate crimes.

Sick, Vacation Time Payouts Cost Taxpayers Nearly $2 Billion

When public employees retire with unused sick and vacation time, they get that money, which can total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Taxpayers are on the hook for those payouts.

Students Help Officials Tackle Opioid Addiction

The Monmouth County Sheriff's Office held a forum with students and leaders of county and state agencies to discuss the opioid addiction problem in New Jersey.

Head of ICE in Newark Talks Agency’s Work Under Trump Administration

The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Newark, John Tsoukaris, says the agency prioritizes enforcement operations based on the public safety and national security threats, individuals committing crimes and people that were already deported from the U.S.

Hope One is Morris County Sheriff’s Effort Against Opioid Addiction

With drug forfeiture money, Morris County Sheriff James Gannon re-purposed a police van, retro-fit it to accommodate the mission of outreach and staffed it with peer recovery specialists and coaches, a plain-clothes deputy and a mental health clinician. It's called Hope One.

11 Percent of 911 System Fees Spent on Operation

New Jersey collects $120 million a year in 911 fees but only about 11 percent is spent on keeping the system operating, and zero goes to the couple hundred local and county 911 centers.

Fulop Holds Firm on Fixing Bail Reform ‘Loophole’

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop says that carrying an illegal firearm should be classified as a violent offense, which is not the case under the new bail reform system.