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News Outlets Demand Access to Bridgegate Trial Material

Citing a First Amendment right, a group of news organizations, including NJTV, filed a brief in federal court demanding access to a redacted mistrial motion and transcripts of closed off proceedings.

NJ Prevents Inmates, Parolees from Voting

According to New Jersey law, those who are incarcerated aren't allowed to vote and the state continues to block people on probation or parole from casting ballots.

Newark Parents Part of Lawsuit Challenging NJ’s Teacher Tenure Law

Six Newark parents are part of a lawsuit challenging the state's teacher tenure law. The suit contends the rule frequently referred to as last in, first out forces districts to retain ineffective teachers with seniority at the expense of a student's education.

Defense Wants Judge to Reverse Ruling at Bridgegate Trial

Defense attorneys for Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly have asked the judge to reverse a ruling she made relating to a jury question about the conspiracy charges.

Bridgegate Jury Asks Questions During First Full Day of Deliberations

The jury in the Bridgegate trial asked three questions during the first full day of deliberations.

Efforts to Prevent Voter Fraud, Intimidation on Election Day

Groups in New Jersey are working to make sure people know when and how to vote and prevent voter intimidation on Election Day.

Closing Arguments Finished, Jury Begins Deliberation

Christie aides Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly face a total of nine counts related to the lane closure on the George Washington Bridge.

Closing Arguments Begin in Bridgegate Trial

After six weeks of testimony, today was the first day of closing arguments in the Bridgegate trial.

Fire Department Launches Stipend Incentive Program for Volunteers

The Avalon Fire Department launched a program to give a maximum of $400 a month for nighttime volunteers.

Defense Rests at Bridgegate Trial, Judge Gives Jurors Instructions

The defense rested after Bridget Kelly finished her testimony and jurors were given 90 minutes of instructions from the judge. Ten hours of closing arguments are expected before jury deliberations begin.