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Law & Public Safety

Act Aims to Keep Inmates Out of Jail After Release

Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter says a program to help former inmates integrate back into society after release could save the state $69 million over two years.

Dems Blast Christie Veto of Solitary Confinement Bill

Gov. Christie vetoed a bill that would have limited the use of solitary confinement and called it "an ill-informed, politically motivated press release."

High School Nurses, Counselors Receive Free Overdose Antidote

School nurses and counselors got free boxes of Narcan spray, used to reverse opioid overdoses. The drug epidemic now looms over New Jersey classrooms, reportedly with ODs in Ocean and Camden County high schools.

A Roundup with ICE

Immigration and Customs Enforcement caught a suspect at a North Bergen apartment building who came to the U.S. illegally, was deported after terroristic threats and other convictions, returned and was re-arrested for DUI and criminal trespass.

Rutgers Program Trains Police to Deal with Addiction

Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies says it’s time for change, time to re-train law enforcers who are saving lives.

Students Call for President to Name Rutgers Sanctuary Campus

Chanting students staged a sit-in at the Rutgers Board of Governors meeting after President Robert Barchi offered to protect unauthorized immigrant students, but refused to officially designate the university a “Sanctuary Campus.”

Joint Committee Meets About NJ Transit Safety

A joint Senate-Assembly committee formed to examine New Jersey Transit's safety record heard about positive train control and plans the agency has for implementation.

Bill Brennan Announces His Gubernatorial Campaign

About 20 anti-Chris Christie protestors chanted, “Lock him up!” as gadfly Bill Brennan arrived with two big announcements.

Casino License Bill Unanimously Passes Committee

The Assembly's Tourism, Gaming, and Arts Committee unanimously passed a bill that prevents anyone who closes a casino from obtaining another casino license for five years.

NJ Schools Can Hire Retired Police Officers for Security

A new law gives districts the ability to hire specially trained, retired police officers for security at public and private schools and on community college campuses.