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Law & Public Safety

Bill would dedicate one percent of tobacco sale revenue to anti-smoking programs

The bill now awaits the governor's signature. About 10 percent of New Jersey's population are smokers.

Ocean County Sheriff’s Office uses drones for search and rescue

The Ocean County Sheriff's Office utilizes drones for their practicability and reliability in a number of situations.

Officers train in virtual simulator to test situational skills

The $250,000 simulator immerses participants in 300 degrees at the scene of incidents ranging from abducted baby calls to noise violation complaints and more.

Fulop calls for cops in violent video to be fired, arrested

Jersey City police caution jumping to conclusions regarding a video that shows police kicking a man as he emerges from a burning vehicle.

President plans to privatize air traffic control

President Trump proposed to privatize the U.S. Air Traffic Control system and turn it over to a nonprofit corporation.

‚ÄčICE agents arrest unauthorized immigrants at NJ courthouses

ICE has reportedly picked up six unauthorized immigrants in state courts over the past five months, but even more in municipal courts using federal immigration warrants not issued by judges.

What planned Trump budget cuts could do to urban search and rescue

The Trump administration proposes to increase spending for the Department of Homeland Security, but slashed spending for airport security while raising spending for immigration enforcement and deportation.

Anti-Trumpers again dominate Leonard Lance town hall

Leonard Lance heard about a variety of issues from constituents at his 44th town hall which was held in Cranford.

Behind the scenes of New Jersey State Police’s improved forensics lab

State police recently cut the time it takes for labs to process forensics from 10 months to 48 hours through the use of a new system.

Lance speaks about Trump and federal budget before Cranford town hall

Rep. Leonard Lance spoke with Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron before holding his fourth town hall this year in Cranford.