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Lawmakers Reject Christie Book Deal and Killing Legal Ads

The plug was pulled on the bill that would allow Gov. Christie to profit from a book deal while still in office.

New Report Questions New Jersey’s Juvenile Justice System

Research shows that a black kid in New Jersey is 24 times more likely to be sentenced to confinement than a white child.

New Newark Jail Hopes to Save Money, Lives

Newark officials unveiled a new jail at Police Headquarters on Clinton Avenue -- a facility that’s no comparison to the old facilities at 31 Green Street.

‘Revenge Bills’ Face Opposition From Both Sides

Opponents brandished back scratchers as symbols, they said, of the bill that would relax ethics rules to let Gov. Christie profit from a book deal while still in office.

Electoral College Elects Trump Despite Protest Efforts

Members of the Electoral College sealed Donald Trump’s victory today at statehouses across the country.

Questions Over Marijuana Policy in Trump Administration

President-elect Donald Trump has flip flopped on the issue of legalizing marijuana. He recently said it's a state by state issue and he supports medical use, but he's also called Colorado's growing industry a "real problem."

Newark ICE Field Office Director Talks Current and Future Priorities

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a 287(g) program that allows ICE to work with state and local law enforcement agencies.

Deal to Let Christie Make a Book Deal, Raise Cabinet Salaries Will Get Senate Hearing

The proposed bill would allow the governor or any other state employee to make money off a book, give raises to the governor's cabinet and give lawmakers another $30,000 for staff salaries.

Group Proposes Plan to Combat Gun Violence in Plainfield

Plainfield logged three homicides last year. This year the homicide rate more than tripled to 10 as a result of guns, drugs and gangs, according to city officials.

Camden Awarded $13 Million Grant for Revitalization

Camden is one of just five cities to be awarded a $13 million Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant from HUD.