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Law & Public Safety

NJ Residents Participate in Women’s March on Washington

NJTV News followed New Jerseyans participating in the Women's March on Washington.

Protesting President Trump

People gathered at Trenton’s Shiloh Baptist Church to pray for divine help to resist Donald Trump. Many more will march in protest of the new president.

Honoring Those Fighting NJ’s Heroin Epidemic

NJTV honored several members of the community who are part of the fight against New Jersey's growing heroin epidemic.

Camden County Police Chief Touts Successes

Chief Scott Thomson met with House Speaker Paul Ryan this week to discuss ways in which other communities can use the Camden County Police Department as a model.

Report: Homegrown Terrorism on the Rise

The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness released a report saying the number of people traveling overseas to join ISIS and other terrorist groups is declining, but the number of homeland violent extremists is up.

Survey Shows Police Believe Jobs Are More Dangerous

The Pew Research Center survey results show law enforcers see their jobs as more difficult and more dangerous now than in previous years.

Microgrids Could Help Reduce Mass Power Outages

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is offering towns money to conduct feasibility studies to create microgrids, which work as small-scale, localized power systems.

Shedding Light on Human Trafficking

The Department of Justice reports that 83 percent of those enslaved due to human trafficking are American citizens of every age.

Judges to Consider New Guidelines When Sentencing Juveniles

A new Supreme Court ruling means New Jersey judges will have to consider factors like age, immaturity, family environment and peer pressure before giving a lengthy sentence to juveniles convicted of violent crimes.

The Role of Dentists in the Growing Opioid Addiction Crisis

According to the FDA, dentists are the fifth most frequent prescribers of opioid pain relievers.