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Law & Public Safety

Bill Would Give Pension Control Back to Police and Fire Personnel

A bill unanimously passed the Senate transferring management of the police and firemen's retirement system from the state back to its roughly 85,000 current and retired members by creating a board of trustees.

As Courts Rebuke Travel Ban 2.0, Demonstrators Promise to Keep Up Pressure

New Jersey residents rallied at Newark Airport to show that they're going to continue to speak out against President Trump's travel ban, even after federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland have blocked the order.

Inspira Health Network Battles Opioid Crisis with Proper Drug Disposal

Nonprofit Inspira Health Network has created Deterra, which uses charcoal to neutralizes drugs, rendering them ineffective before disposal.

Community Survey Aims to Help Reform Newark Police Department

Newark residents are encouraged to take a consent decree community survey to let federal monitor Peter Harvey know about their interactions with members of the Newark Police Department.

Partnership for Educational Justice Director Talks Last In, First Out

In a lawsuit, six Newark parents say experience and performance should count more than seniority and tenure.

Senator, Cardinal Rally Support For Union City Man Facing Deportation

Twenty-six year resident and unauthorized immigrant Catalino Guerrero requested ICE stay his deportation while he applies for a special visa.

Calls for Expungement Bill to Help Ex-Offenders

Gov. Christie says he'll work with Sen. Sandra Cunningham to get an expungement bill through New Jersey’s Legislature that would apply to non-violent offenders to give them a clean slate and help them more easily find a job.

Proposed Law Would Recognize Concealed Carry Permits Across State Lines

Lawmakers are considering allowing qualified concealed gun owners to carry and possess in all states that permit concealed carry regardless of where the permit was obtained, the same way one state recognizes another’s driver’s licenses.

Former Port Authority Chairman Sentenced in ‘Chairman’s Flight’ Scandal

David Samson was sentenced to four years probation, one year under house arrest and a $100,000 fine after pleading guilty to extorting a personal flight to South Carolina from United Airlines in exchange for considerations from the Port Authority.

Case of Repeat Offender Has Some Questioning Bail Reform

Dawud Ward came to New Jersey after five convictions for breaking and entering and grand larceny in Virginia. Because of bail reform, he’s been in and out of court between new arrests for burglaries.