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Law & Public Safety

Sessions’ Threat to ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Draws Defiant Response

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that municipalities that refuse ICE requests could lose federal money. Those in sanctuary cities spoke out against the move.

Cleaning Up After Unlicensed Dumping of Contaminated Debris

New Jersey’s State Commission of Investigation found that unlicensed construction recyclers dumped contaminated debris in the state after Superstorm Sandy hit. Since then, municipalities have had to foot the bill for cleanup.

American Health Care Act Has Been Pulled

Speaker Paul Ryan announced that the Republican ACA replacement plan will be pulled after failing to get enough votes to pass.

Chief Thomson Discusses Camden County Police Progress

Camden County Police Chief Scott Thomson says the department has made great strides in the city, but recognized there is still room for improvement.

Tips to Avoid Rental Housing Scams

Scammers are using the popular classified ad website Craigslist to trick renters into paying cash deposits for property listings that either don't exist or already have owners.

Should Convicted Sex Offenders Have Restricted Internet Access?

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that a complete internet blackout against a registered sex offender was “arbitrary and unreasonable” because access to the internet is considered to be a basic need.

Law Makes NJ More Attractive to International Businesses

The recently passed International Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation Act treats mediated settlements as if they were court judgments, meaning they’re binding. That's welcome news for business owners looking to avoid drawn out legal battles.

Disagreement Over Changes to Police, Fire Pensions

Police and fire representatives don't agree on a bill meant to transform the retirement system. The Assembly Appropriations Committee approved a plan to transfer management of the pension fund away from the state to a separately run board of trustees.

Federal Lawmakers Hear from FBI Director, Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

FBI Director James Comey confirmed an investigation into the relationship between Russia and the Trump campaign and said there was no evidence President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Trump's Supreme Court pick, Neal Gorsuch, started a four-day hearing.

Assembly Approves Opioid Antidote Bill, One Requiring Tax Returns from Presidential Candidates

Several measures passed through the Assembly, including one that gives first responders more leeway in administering an opioid antidote, one that would require presidential candidates to release their tax returns and another to make pet shops post USDA inspection records for all animals sold as consumer protection.