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Families Facing Hunger Find Refuge After Sandy

250 to 350 families visit the Peoples Pantry every week. So far, the nonprofit has distributed 5.8 million pounds of food. The Founder and CEO says as many as 15 new families walk through these doors daily.

Canine Companions Help Those with Disabilities

Canine Companions is a nonprofit that provides assistance dogs to people with disabilities other than blindness. The program requires dogs undergo six months of advanced training, where they learn more than 40 commands. Only about four out of every 10 dogs graduates.

Exchange Health Care Premiums Increase Five Percent in New Jersey

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act begins Nov. 1. Exchange premiums in New Jersey increased by five percent, but that's still less than the national average of seven percent.

Living with Lupus

Lupus symptoms range from mild to severe including fatigue, rashes, joint pain, swelling and hair loss, the disease can affect just about any organ. Blood tests aren’t enough to make a diagnosis. A lot of times people may be misdiagnosed as having an infection, pain syndrome, or arthritis.

Creating a Culture of Health at Rutgers’ Newest Institute

The 80,000-square foot New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health Institute cost $55 million to build with private donations and taxpayer help, but the lives it intends to save are countless.

Robotic Da Vinci Offers Surgeons More Control, Patients Less Recovery Time

Surgical robot Da Vinci gives surgeons a 10-times magnification compared to the naked eye, and a high definition 3D view. The range of motion is far greater than that of human hands or fingers, which can lead to less invasive procedures, and more dexterity.

Nurse Sues State Claiming Ebola Quarantine Violated Civil Rights

New Jersey’s ACLU filed a civil lawsuit charging Governor Christie last year violated nurse Kaci Hickox’s rights, essentially imprisoned her for almost three days inside a cold plastic tent, after she flew into Newark Airport via Brussels from Sierra Leone where Hickox had just volunteered at a health clinic during the West African Ebola epidemic.

Revising Guidelines for Children and Screen Time

The American Academy of Pediatrics says more than 30 percent of children in the U.S. first play with a mobile device while in diapers. They’re asking parents to practice best judgement for time limits and to become more involved with use.

Cancer Research Findings Could Lead to Better, More Personalized, Treatments

The cancer genome atlas project aims to specifically target the genome profile of cancer, one of those being breast cancer. The study had more than 800 breast cancer patients. Researchers looked at mutations and alterations that happened within patients' tumors in order to come up with personalize therapies based on individualized molecular features.

American Cancer Society Updates Guidelines for Mammogram Screenings

The American Cancer Society updated its 2003 guidelines and now recommends that women start getting annual mammograms at age 45, instead of the previous age of 40. They also say that at age 55 women can continue with yearly screenings, or switch to every two years.