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Learning the Signs of Pancreatic Cancer

While there currently aren't good screening tools for pancreatic cancer, there are some red flags to look out for.

Code Blue Programs Help Residents Cope with Frigid Temperatures

When the temperatures plummet, many New Jersey towns offer services through Code Blue programs. One lawmaker has proposed a bill to standardize those programs across the state.

Choosing Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Experts say choosing goals that are small and manageable is the key to success in keeping New Year's resolutions.

‘Herointown’ Focuses on Bringing Awareness to Heroin Epidemic in New Jersey

According to reporting from NJ Advance Media, 128,000 heroin addicts live in the state. If they all lived in a "Herointown", it would be the fourth largest city in the state.

Nonprofit Provides More Than Rides To Seniors

The Camden County resident is a client of Interfaith Caregivers, a nonprofit that serves the disabled and those 65 and older in Haddonfield and Haddon Heights. The goal is to keep residents in their homes and part of the community.

Survey Finds Doctors Prescribed Opioids to Patients, Even After Abuse

A Boston Medical Center survey of 2,800 patients who had overdosed on opioids found 91 percent were still prescribed opioids, and many by the same doctor. Seven percent overdosed again.

The Struggle and Miracle of Premature Birth

In the U.S. almost half a million children are born prematurely every year. It costs upwards of $26 billion a year for treatment of premature babies. Saint Peter’s University Hospital has seen over 30,000 babies since it opened in 1978.

Rigorous Academics Cause For Debate

Students in the West Windson-Plainsboro school district are known for having high academic standards. After finding overly-stressed kids, the district relaxed some of its rules, however some parents fear this "dumbing down" of the curriculum will negatively affect their kids.

Sleep Study Finds Texting Source of Sleep Deprivation in Teens

The one-year study in Edison school district showed that over 60 percent of students are not getting enough sleep because of late night texting or phone use.

Rutgers Terrorism Medicine Course First of Its Kind

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School is one of the first to develop techniques in the field of terror medicine. The training covers how to get to patients and how to take care of people in the event of a terrorist incident.