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Robotic Da Vinci Offers Surgeons More Control, Patients Less Recovery Time

Surgical robot Da Vinci gives surgeons a 10-times magnification compared to the naked eye, and a high definition 3D view. The range of motion is far greater than that of human hands or fingers, which can lead to less invasive procedures, and more dexterity.

Nurse Sues State Claiming Ebola Quarantine Violated Civil Rights

New Jersey’s ACLU filed a civil lawsuit charging Governor Christie last year violated nurse Kaci Hickox’s rights, essentially imprisoned her for almost three days inside a cold plastic tent, after she flew into Newark Airport via Brussels from Sierra Leone where Hickox had just volunteered at a health clinic during the West African Ebola epidemic.

Revising Guidelines for Children and Screen Time

The American Academy of Pediatrics says more than 30 percent of children in the U.S. first play with a mobile device while in diapers. They’re asking parents to practice best judgement for time limits and to become more involved with use.

Cancer Research Findings Could Lead to Better, More Personalized, Treatments

The cancer genome atlas project aims to specifically target the genome profile of cancer, one of those being breast cancer. The study had more than 800 breast cancer patients. Researchers looked at mutations and alterations that happened within patients' tumors in order to come up with personalize therapies based on individualized molecular features.

American Cancer Society Updates Guidelines for Mammogram Screenings

The American Cancer Society updated its 2003 guidelines and now recommends that women start getting annual mammograms at age 45, instead of the previous age of 40. They also say that at age 55 women can continue with yearly screenings, or switch to every two years.

Epilepsy Doesn’t Stop This 11-Year-Old

According to the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, an estimated 130,000 people are battling the disorder in New Jersey.

State Enters Bidding War For St. Michael’s Medical Center

The state of New Jersey recently threw their hat in the ring over the sale of St. Michael's Medical Center in Newark. It joins Prime, Barnabas Health and Prospect Medical Holdings as a potential buyer of the troubled hospital.

New Jersey’s Fifth Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Cranbury

New jersey has 5,540 registered patients participating in the medicinal marijuana program. There are 355 caregivers authorized to do pickups for patients who are unable, and about 350 participating physicians, according to the state Health Department.

Survivor Shares Story to Highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Kenneth Nahum says risk factors for breast cancer include family history, certain genes like BRCA 1 and 2, increased alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity and breast abnormalities.

Health Care Alliance Aims to Bring Care Closer to Home

The alliance brings what Virtua has to offer and Penn research and clinical trials to New Jersey patients' doorstep. Starting next year, surgeons from the University of Pennsylvania will perform surgeries at Virtua Memorial Hospital, reducing the need for patients to leave Virtua in order to receive advanced care.