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Asst. Ocean County Prosecutor Talks Heroin Epidemic

Assistant Ocean County Prosecutor Rory Wells says heroin overdose deaths have increased over the years in New Jersey and would be extremely high without antidote drugs currently in use.

Faces of Addiction: New Jersey’s Drug Addiction Crisis Community Forum

The Faces of Addiction forum explores the face of New Jersey’s drug addiction epidemic and the stigma and misconceptions about prescription drug abuse, heroin use and gateway drugs.

St. Joseph’s Has First ER with Alternatives to Opioids Program

St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson boasts the busiest emergency room in the state and says it recently became the first emergency room in the nation to adopt an alternative to opioids program.

Bill Requires Mandatory Water Testing for Lead in All NJ Schools

The bill provides $3 million a year to pay for bi-annual lead testing 30 days before school starts, and six months into the school year and would cover every school, including charters and privates.

Feds Ready Audits For Medical Records Keepers

Since 2009, more than 255 reported data breaches affected more than 112 million individual medical records, at huge hospitals and smaller so-called business associates from dentists to MRI providers.

North Bergen Hopes to Collect Taxes from Medical Center, Nursing Home

The township of North Bergen has sued Palisades Medical Center and its Harborage nursing home in tax court. Sen. Nick Sacco has introduced a bill to keep the tax exempt status for nonprofit hospitals and their nursing homes but allow municipalities to charge $2.50 per day for each licensed bed.

Menendez Bill Seeks Protections for Consumers Overwhelmed by Medical Debt

Sen. Bob Menendez is introducing the Medical Debt Relief Act, which would prevent medical debt from continuing to harm consumers credit scores even after it has been paid off or settled.

Bill Would Allow for Selling of Homemade Baked Goods

New Jersey is one of two states where it's illegal to sell home-baked goods outside of bake sales and charity events. Sen. Kip Bateman wants to change that with legislation he first introduced in 2009.

The Tougher Men Think They Are, the Less Likely They Are to Be Honest with Doctors

Men, who die on average five years earlier than women, prefer male doctors, but are more honest with female doctors.

Dealing with Opioid Addiction in the Workplace

Experts say those in high-pressure professional careers are more likely to use opioids and less likely to get help.