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Lawmakers Urge Christie to Appropriate Money for Lead Control

The Senate and Assembly approved putting $10 million in the state’s Lead Hazard Control Fund for the next budget. Now they need Gov. Christie to agree.

Understanding Arthritis

More than 1.5 million New Jersey residents are affected by arthritis, which is the state's leading cause of disability.

Christie Calls for Moratorium on Nonprofit Hospitals Paying Back Taxes

Gov. Christie wants to freeze all lawsuits and hospital property tax assessments for two years while a panel of experts hashes out a solution that would apply to all 62 of New Jersey’s nonprofit hospitals.

Newark Begins Testing Children for Lead Poisoning

After 30 Newark schools were found to have elevated levels of lead in the water, the district has begun blood testing children.

Future Brain Therapies for Parkinson’s Possible with Stem Cell Bioengineering Innovation

Rutgers and Stanford scientists have developed a novel way to inject healthy human nerve cells into the brain.

CDC Offers New Guidelines for Prescribing Pain Medication

Opioid abuse has become so pervasive, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the U.S. is in the grips of an epidemic. The agency is issuing new guidelines for primary care physicians when prescribing the medications for chronic pain.

EPA to Try Two Cleanup Methods in Pompton Lakes

Groundwater beneath Pompton Lakes homes is a health threat because of a DuPont plant where munitions were made. The EPA is now trying two different methods to try to address pollution concerns.

County Health Rankings Put Hunterdon on Top, Cumberland in Last

Hunterdon County tops the list of New Jersey's healthiest counties while Cumberland is the unhealthiest. The most improved county is Hudson, which jumped from 16th to 12th place in an annual report.

Partnership Teaches Kids Importance of Nutrition and Exercise

Barnabas Health and the New Jersey Devils are partnering up to provide education about athletics and nutrition to kids in an effort to create healthier lifestyles.

City and State Point Fingers When Screening Newark Students for Lead

Water filters on pipes in some Newark public schools show the district has been battling elevated lead levels in the drinking water for some time. Newark and the state are each saying the other is working to conduct lead testing for city students.