Lawyers detail $765M plan for NFL concussions

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Lawyers representing former NFL players in the proposed $765 million settlement of concussion-related claims have detailed how the money would be distributed. The awards could reach $5 million for athletes with Lou Gehrig's ...

Rutgers Legal Expert: Nuns’ Challenge of Contraceptive Mandate ‘Unusual’

Colorado nuns have filed a legal challenge claiming the mandate providing contraceptives to employers goes against their religious beliefs. Rutgers legal expert Ron Chen says it's unusual to ask for a stay because the law already has a religious exemption.

Planned Parenthood is Fighting for Birth Control Benefits

Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Auction Fund of New Jersey Ed Remsen says that Planned Parenthood is fighting for women to have to right to get birth control benefits as part of their health insurance.

NJ delays changes to home health care payments

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A revamp of programs to make it easier for elderly New Jersey residents to get help paying for home health care has been delayed until summer. The state had hoped to start a consolidation of Medicaid programs to pay for home ...

Mid-Size Businesses To Reconsider Health Plans Under Affordable Care Act

Mid-size business owners nationwide are now considering their health care plan options under the Affordable Care Act.

Heroin Addictions are Hitting Suburbs Hard

Heroin addictions are hitting suburbs hard, with an increase in deaths caused by the drug.
Parents Suzan and Julio Lopez of South Amboy check on their child with Saint Pete's University Hospital's new videoconferencing system.

Saint Peter’s University Hospital To Keep Parents Updated With New Videoconferencing System

Saint Peter's University Hospital is installing a new videoconferencing systems in the NICU, allowing parents to check in on their babies remotely.

Family that fought for NJ pot law change to move

SCOTCH PLAINS, N.J. (AP) — The family of a New Jersey toddler who became a symbol in a push to change the state's medical marijuana laws this year is moving. Meghan and Brian Wilson of Scoth Plains tell The Philadelphia Inquirer ...

Proposed Program Would Reimburse Primary Physicians in NJ for Schooling

New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians Executive Vice President Ray Saputelli says there is a pending bill for a program that would reimburse up $200,000 for primary care physicians' schooling, over four years, who stay in the state.

NJ Assembly passed bill to expand medical pot

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A bill that would let registered medical marijuana users in New Jersey obtain pot legally in other states faces an uncertain future. The Assembly passed the bill 50-23 with 7 abstentions on Thursday. The Senate has yet to pass ...