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Almost 12 Percent of New Jerseyans Go Hungry

A report by the national nonprofit Feeding America measured the food insecurity rate and found the highest rates of hunger in New Jerseys' four southern-most counties.

FDA Looks to Redefine ‘Healthy’ on Food Labels

The FDA is investigating changes to allow for the use of "healthy" on food labels for products that include healthy fats. Currently, the labeling guidelines do not distinguish between types of fats.

Ironbound Residents Want Truck Emissions Reduced

One in four Newark children have asthma, three times the state average. Residents attribute that high rate to the large amount of truck traffic going to and from Port Newark.

FDA Decision to Regulate E-Cigarettes Worries Sellers

New FDA rules would bring the e-cigarette industry under the same intense regulatory oversight as tobacco products, and restrict access to teens in particular. Sellers say these new mandates will kill their business.

Calls for Studying Link Between Firefighters and Cancer

Congressman Bill Pascrell and Sen. Bob Menendez rallied support to create a voluntary, national database among America’s Bravest to study the relationship between cancer and career-long exposure to toxic fumes.

Monmouth County Unveils Special Needs Registry

Monmouth County has the first countywide registry in New Jersey for special needs individuals. It's a voluntary registry that alerts first responders when they are coming into contact with individuals with special needs.

Parents Ask NJ Officials to Start School Later

Parents cited studies from the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics and others that show sleep deprivation puts teens at a higher risk for car crashes and poor academic performance.

Parents File Federal Lawsuit Over Lead in Newark School Water

Anthony Brown and Gwendolyn Booker have filed a federal lawsuit against Newark's state-run school district, its superintendent, the city and Gov. Christie, saying their children drank water tainted with lead in Newark schools.

NJSIAA Committee Recommends Alternatives to Narcotics

The Medical Advisory Committee of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association has released recommendations to battle drug addiction by avoiding narcotic painkillers, including the use of cryotherapy which uses extremely low temperatures.

Bill Would Let Women Get Birth Control Over-the-Counter

New legislation would allow pharmacists to dispense oral birth control pills for women and girls, without a doctor’s prescription.