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Charter School Head Coins Term for Inner-City Kids’ Anxiety

Village Charter School Head Dale Caldwell uses the term urban traumatic stress disorder, UTSD, to describe the chronic anxiety felt by inner-city kids.

Rep. Pallone on Tackling Mental Health Issues

Congressman Frank Pallone talks about the need for more mental health services and the need for more doctors to practice psychiatry and psychology.

New Rules Aim to Reduce Farmworkers’ Exposure to Pesticides

Government officials revealed tougher EPA regulations aimed at providing consistent protection to farmworkers across the country.

Geography Makes a Difference in Life Expectancy

A new analysis finds children born just a few miles apart can have more than a decade difference in their life expectancy.

Rutgers Strikes Exclusive Deal with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola will pay Rutgers University millions in exchange for a monopoly on soda sales. Some are questioning the university's move since it houses a medical school.

Anti-Poverty Network of NJ’s Executive Director Grew Up Living in Poverty

The New Executive Director of APN, Renee Koubiadi, grew up in Camden living in poverty.

Offering Zika Virus Advice in English and Spanish

New Jersey Deputy Health Commissioner Arturo Brito spoke to residents in English and Spanish about the risks of traveling to areas where the Zika virus is prevalent and ways to avoid infection.

Report: 1 in 5 Women is Sexually Assaulted in College

Helen Archontou, CEO of the Bergen County YWCA, says resources for victims, in addition to teaching proper behavior to young children, are key in raising awareness about sexual assault.

Disposing of Unwanted Prescription Drugs

Covanta, a waste energy plant in Newark, disposes of unwanted prescription drugs that residents turn in to the police through drug take back programs.

Clinging Jellyfish Found in New Jersey

The dime-sized clinging jellyfish are small, but they have very potent stings. They have been confirmed in New Jersey, mainly in quiet waters.