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CDC Survey Shows Devastating Portrayal of Growing Up LGBT

A first-of-its-kind, nationwide study from the Centers for Disease Control shows elevated rates of bullying, physical violence, rape, depression, suicide, drug use, STDs and unintended pregnancy among America’s sexual minority students.

Rep. Pallone Introduces Legislation to Pay for Replacing School Water Fountains

Congressman Frank Pallone is introducing new legislation to amend the Safe Drinking Water Act. It’ll provide funds so schools can replace drinking fountains made before 1988.

Some Leery of EpiPen Alternatives, Despite Price Hike

Doctors know about Adrenaclick, an alternative that costs less than half as much as an EpiPen, but rarely prescribe it or its generic version.

NJ Left with Three Obamacare Insurance Providers

Two insurance providers have dropped out of New Jersey's Affordable Care Act offerings and a third decided not to join. Some looking for insurance say the premiums are too high for them to afford.

Lawsuits Surrounding Hospitals Paying Taxes Up to 35 in NJ

A year after a tax court judge ruled Morristown Medical Center had to pay taxes, the number of lawsuits in New Jersey is up to 35.

Where NJ Colleges Stand in Number of Campus Sexual Assaults

According to the U.S. Department of Education, Rutgers had the highest number of reported rapes in New Jersey in 2014, the seventh most in the nation.

Increased EpiPen Costs Causing Some Patients Frustration

EpiPens deliver life-saving epinephrine for people with allergies. The price has more than doubled since 2008, and can now top $600 for the EpiPen sold in two-packs.

Kids on Autism Spectrum Enjoy Bowling League

The Binder Autism Center from St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital put together a bowling league for children on the autism spectrum after realizing the kids needed a little fun in their behavior therapy.

NJDEP Works to Control Mosquito Population

Because of the threat of Zika and West Nile, the state Department of Environmental Protection is working to keep the mosquito population down in New Jersey.

Cannabis Remains on DEA’s Most Dangerous Drugs List, But Agency Ruling Expands Research

The Drug Enforcement Administration rejected a petition to loosen restrictions on cannabis. Marijuana remains a Schedule I drug, keeping it at the same level as PCP, LSD and heroin and a level above cocaine and Oxycontin.