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Police Chaplain Program Helps in Times of Crisis

The Police Chaplain Program in Vineland trains chaplains and has been in some of the nation’s hotspots in the last couple of years, including Ferguson, Baltimore and now Orlando.

Controversy Over Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Fentanyl

Sen. Cory Booker, the ACLU and others oppose a proposal to increase mandatory minimum sentencing for fentanyl, saying imposing a five-year jail term for two grams of the drug punishes addicts instead of distributors.

Rowan Researchers Develop Alzheimer’s Blood Test

A team of researchers at Rowan University has developed a blood test they say detected early onset Alzheimer’s disease with 100 percent accuracy in all 50 patients tested.

Many Pools Test Positive for Bacteria

State law requires public pools to test pH and chlorine levels every two hours and to test for fecal coliform bacteria every week. One lab says about 5 percent of pool water samples in New Jersey come up dirty.

Follow-Up Key to Successful Substance Abuse Treatment

Cape Regional Medical Center has a drug treatment program that intervenes with patients in the ER and follows them for a year.

Rep. Pallone Discusses NFL Concussion Research

Congressman Frank Pallone discusses how the NFL tried to influence research on the effects of concussions.

Cape May County Sees 25 Percent Drop in Drug Overdoses

Drug overdoses in Cape May County dropped from 47 percent in the first quarter of 2014 to just 21 percent for the same period this year. It's been a community effort between faith-based groups, law enforcement, schools and hospitals.

Immunotherapy Offers Hope to Brain Tumor Patients

Immunotherapy works by stimulating the body's own immune system to attack brain tumors. Patients who have participated in clinical trials have seen success from the treatment.

Baby Born at HackensackUMC with Zika Related Birth Defect

A woman from Honduras traveled to New Jersey to give birth to a baby girl who was affected by Zika-related microcephaly.

Veterans Explore Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana for Treating PTSD

PTSD is not on the list of approved illnesses that are able to obtain a medical marijuana prescription under state law. A panel of eight medical professionals was set up to determine whether the drug can effectively treat PTSD.