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Lawmakers Approve Bill to Help Pharmacists Dispense EpiPen Alternatives

The Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee approved a bill that would help pharmacists dispense alternatives to EpiPens after Mylan increased the cost of the devices.

Legislation Would Ensure Fertility Treatments Are Covered

New Jersey’s current state mandate says insurance kicks in only after a woman has proved her infertility by one or two years of “unprotected sex with a man,” depending on the woman’s age. There’s no allowance for families that don’t include a male partner.

FDA Bans 19 Chemicals Used in Antibacterial Soap

According to the FDA, chemicals used in antibacterial soap may cause more harm than good. The agency has banned 19 of them for use in household products.

New Jersey Moves to Medicaid Fee-For-Service Payment Model

New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies President and CEO Debra Wentz discusses the consequences of the state's decision to move to a fee-for-service model for mental health services.

Know How to Prevent and Treat Head Lice

September is Lice Prevention Month. Avoid sharing hats and hairbrushes and getting too close when taking selfies.

Obesity Rates Continue to Climb

A new report called The State of Obesity shows some improvement in national obesity rates, but they continue to climb.

HIV/AIDS Rate Up Among Young People in Newark

While people under age 25 make up only 5 percent of Newark’s total HIV/AIDS infected population, that age group represents more than 25 percent of new cases.

Those Touched By Addiction Speak Out on Overdose Awareness Day

Overdose deaths are on the rise in New Jersey. People affected by addiction are working to help others impacted by the disease on Overdose Awareness Day.

American Academy of Pediatrics: It’s ‘Acceptable’ for Doctors to Ditch Unvaccinated Patients

The American Academy of Pediatrics is standing by doctors, saying it’s “acceptable” for medical professionals to terminate their relationship with a family if they can’t be convinced to get their children vaccinated.

Christie Touts Medicaid Progress, Suggests TTF Progress

Gov. Christie said the state's costs went down as the Medicaid population has expanded and the overall average cost per beneficiary has decreased due to reforms.