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Emergency Personnel Prepared for Hoboken Train Crash

According to officials, hospitals, EMS and ambulance companies routinely run drills in the event of a transportation emergency, which helped them prepare for an incident like this.

Christie Announces More Resources to Combat NJ’s Addiction Crisis

Gov. Christie's administration issued an emergency order to ban the making, selling and distributing of seven fentanyl knock-offs, increasing fines and prison time.

Bill Would Implement Strict School Return Policy After Concussions

A proposed bill would require students with concussions to have permission from a health care provider before going back to school.

Christie Approves Use of Medical Marijuana for PTSD

Gov. Christie signed a bill that adds PTSD to a growing list of conditions that qualify patients for medical marijuana.

Young Adults and the Right to Medical Record Privacy

One mother was unable to find out her son's condition at a hospital because of HIPAA rules that prevented the nurse from providing any information.

How Candidates’ Health Matters to Voters

The news that Hillary Clinton has pneumonia has brought up the issue of candidates' health and how it impacts voters' decisions.

Doctors Discuss Alzheimer’s Advancements

At a two-day conference in Jersey City put on by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, doctors from around the world presented programs ranging from early stage drug discovery all the way through clinical trials.

NJ Hopeline Helps People Contemplating Suicide

The toll free suicide prevention NJ Hopeline at Rutgers Behavioral Health Care helps connect people with services. It became operational in May 2013 and receives more than 2,000 calls a month.

Lawmakers Approve Bill to Help Pharmacists Dispense EpiPen Alternatives

The Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee approved a bill that would help pharmacists dispense alternatives to EpiPens after Mylan increased the cost of the devices.

Legislation Would Ensure Fertility Treatments Are Covered

New Jersey’s current state mandate says insurance kicks in only after a woman has proved her infertility by one or two years of “unprotected sex with a man,” depending on the woman’s age. There’s no allowance for families that don’t include a male partner.