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Studies find certain migraines, hormone therapies could increase stroke risk

Recent research suggests the risk for stroke is even greater if migraine patients suffer from visual symptoms called auras.

Seniors learn self-defense, gain confidence

Berkeley Township Recreation has been offering a senior self-defense class for about a decade.

Volunteers work to reduce asthma attacks at Paterson shelter

Paterson's children account for two thirds of all asthma attacks requiring hospitalization or an emergency department visit in Passaic County.

Do You Know the Number One Killer of Women?

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, with cardiovascular disease killing about one woman every 80 seconds.

Bergen County Launches Pilot Addiction Recovery Program

Three police departments in Bergen County, Paramus, Lyndhurst and Mahwah, are part of a pilot drug program that focuses on getting addicts to trained counselors.

New Jersey’s Drug Addiction Crisis

NJTV News has been a part of the initiative Healthy NJ: New Jersey’s Drug Addiction Crisis, aimed at raising awareness and promoting discussion about the state’s drug problems and solutions.

Mother Fights New Jersey to Return Disabled Daughter to New Hampshire Facility

According to her mother, Jennifer Sullivan thrived at an out-of-state treatment facility in New Hampshire but is struggling since she was moved back to New Jersey. She wants the state to send her daughter back to New Hampshire.

Sen. Scutari Unveils Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in NJ

Sen. Nicholas Scutari unveiled a 60-page bill to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana use in New Jersey, saying the state spends $127 million a year on enforcement efforts that don’t work.

Assembly Budget Committee Hears From Department of Health

The Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony from the Department of Health, which has a $1.6 billion budget.