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Feb. 16, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Power hitters on the annual Walk to Washington. Usually dominated by state issues. Not this time. Immigrant workers take a day off to protest the president's immigration order. Allowing a measurement of their impact by their absence. The Port Authority pushes ahead on its capital plan to improve transportation. Does it give Jersey commuters a piece of the pie? The governor signs into law historic legislation to curb the New Jersey's opioid addiction crisis. Is it enough? And St. John's basketball's boys and girls get to finish their season together. It's a win for the team that acts like one. Will they change the rules of the game for good?

Feb. 15, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Trump's nominee for Labor secretary withdraws from contention. What does it mean for the resistance movement? He promised to act swiftly. Christie signs anti-opioid legislation just after the Assembly passed it and then fields questions about possible jobs in the Trump administration. A New Jersey Congress member is trying to get his hands on Trump's tax returns. Does he really think they contain impeachable evidence? Rutgers researchers publish promising new clues into what causes brain diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Foster parents open a hospice program to give end-of-life care for rescue dogs. And the state lights fire to a forest. The start of a controlled prescribed burn to reduce the risk of out-of-control forest fires.

Feb. 14, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

To aid unauthorized immigrants targeted for deportation, Mexico's moving mobile embassies into neighborhoods to provide dual citizenship for their American born children. We'll tell you why. How did New Jersey fall from leading the solar sector to lagging far behind? And can lawmakers remove barriers to clean energy and still make sure there's enough money to fund it? The governor's budget may contain a surprise for public workers. Full payment into their under-funded pensions. Will it even begin to shore up pensions for future retirees? Honors for students who don't make the honor roll, but leap tremendous barriers so they can get back on track and make the grade. A treasure trove from the jazz age. Photos that enshrine the stuff of legend from one family's lore. It's another reminder that black history is all-American. And a New Jersey pup who didn't take Westminster's "best in breed." But this Hungarian goofball helped get the Pumi breed recognized in its first outing at Westminster. There's a story there.

Feb. 13, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Sick of delays and obstruction blocking progress on a new bus terminal, Jersey lawmakers challenge New York to get the lead out. The government scrubs its website of animal abuse data. Does it protect puppy mill owners at the expense of pet owners? If the government scrubs Obamacare seniors with Medicare say they'll lose some health insurance too. A new program in New Jersey turns the very places addicts avoided into safe harbors offering them help. And just in time for Valentine's Day, a rose by any other name means the same in any language.

Feb. 10, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

A high school basketball coach's recruiting and housing of players got him suspended. Now there could be consequences for the team, too. Prices skyrocket for the overdose-reversing drug naloxone. What will it mean for New Jersey's drug addiction crisis? What a new poll says -- and doesn't say -- about the race for governor in four months. Chemist. Entrepreneur. Pioneer. Millionaire. Getting to know Sara Spencer Washington who shattered Atlantic City's color barrier. A new exhibit in Montclair explores the impact of the French master Henri Matisse on American art.

Feb. 9, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

The first major snowfall of the season has come and gone with some of us saying "thank goodness!" You watch your smart TV and it listens to you. See why that got one TV maker in trouble with the law. A proposal designed to help some Atlantic City firefighters and police officers keep their jobs. But see why some are resisting it. One of the authors of the state's 21-year-old water supply plan is giving up on the governor to update the plan as the law requires. The road to the engineering marvel of bridge building leads to New Jersey and an invention that still allows us to cross rivers and ride the elevator. And a lot of colleges benefited from slave labor. Rutgers did. Now see how it acknowledges it and plans to use it as a teaching moment.

Feb. 8, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Growing pains of progress that seem to overwhelm the PATH system and its commuters and critics. His ads are all over the place. Hard to miss the governor touting help for those caught up in New Jersey's addiction crisis. Immigration advocates and the White House all in the same boat today -- waiting for a court decision about the travel ban that targets Muslims. A place for specialized primary care for a population often fearful going to the doctor, being misunderstood and discriminated against. And, get ready for a big one! A storm forecast to bring double-digit snowfall and plunging temperatures.

Feb. 7, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

The governor is dealt a setback on relaxing certification rules for charter schools. The scandal ended long ago, but the fallout lingers and is a big inconvenience for anyone trying to get a birth certificate in Jersey City. Another AvalonBay development went up in flames this weekend. The fire has rekindled the debate over better building codes. A major honor for The Rock! The Prudential Center gets a rare GARMMY -- sort of. And, a step back in time to see how they fished in shallow waters and how one man still builds upon that past.

Feb. 6, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

State lawmakers move to send a message on protecting unauthorized immigrants on campus. What do folks who voted for Donald Trump think of his immigration ban and some of his apparent miscues the first couple weeks in office? Skill or chance? The quest to bring what could be a lucrative industry to New Jersey -- fantasy sports betting. With his veto pen, the governor says "no" to a bill that would have punished Carl Icahn for closing the Taj Mahal casino. And guess who's back? The snowy owl to the Jersey Shore. We find out why.