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Fire Departments Focus on Solar Panel Safety

Firefighters say solar panel installation creates limited access to the roof, where they vent the smoke from a burning building, and poses the threat of electrocution.

Mahwah Residents Concerned About New Teterboro Flight Path

Teterboro Airport is testing a new flight path and some Mahway residents say it's negatively affecting their quality of life.

Flight Delays Possible From ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Weather

Hot temperatures can cause planes to have decreased performance when it comes to takeoffs and landings. That inefficiency results in planes needing longer runways, which some smaller airports don't have.

Experts Predict Record Year for NJ Shark Sightings

Warmer temperatures are expected to increase the number of shark sightings along the New Jersey coast because it warms the ocean waters making them more attractive to sharks and it increases the number of people on the beach.

Clinging Jellyfish Found in New Jersey

The dime-sized clinging jellyfish are small, but they have very potent stings. They have been confirmed in New Jersey, mainly in quiet waters.

Lawmakers Want More Transparency with Trains Carrying Crude Oil

Trains carrying Bakken crude oil travel through New Jersey every week and state lawmakers are supporting right-to-know bills designed to enhance oversight.

Railway Criticized for Storing Flammable Gas in Tankers

Morristown and Erie Railway is storing butane and propane in tankers along the tracks, which is drawing criticism from Morris County officials and homeowners who weren't notified of the plan.

Near Normal Hurricane Season Predicted

Forecasters are predicting a near normal hurricane season with 10 to 16 tropical storms and four to eight hurricanes. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30.

A Look Into Zoo Security Following Cincinnati Zoo Incident

Harambe, a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, was killed after a toddler managed to make its way into the animal's exhibit. Following the incident, the security of animal exhibits are being checked and analyzed.

In Asbury Park, DEP Chief Declares the Shore Ship Shape; City Ready for Record Summer Season

NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin says Jersey Shore beaches are ready for visitors for the summer season.