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Pinelands Commission Holds Public Hearing on Proposed Gas Pipeline

Protesters objected as the Pinelands Commission accepted final public comments on the proposed 22-mile-long natural gas pipeline for South Jersey Gas through the protected pine barrens.

Microgrids Could Help Reduce Mass Power Outages

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is offering towns money to conduct feasibility studies to create microgrids, which work as small-scale, localized power systems.

Google and PSE&G Team Up to Find Methane Leaks

Using the same cars that take pictures for Google Maps, Google and PSE&G are able to detect methane leaks caused by aging infrastructure.

Marlboro Dentist Wraps Up Tour of National Parks in Paterson

Dr. Paul Kovalski finished a 30-year journey to visit every national park at Paterson Great Falls.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Protect Environmental Settlement Money

If the constitutional amendment is approved by voters, funds from environmental settlements will go into a special lockbox to be used by those affected by the pollution.

Controversy Over Donald Trump’s Pick to Head EPA

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA. The Oklahoma attorney general is a vocal climate change science skeptic and among progressive environmental groups, he's called a fossil fuel advocate.

Pollution Settlement Money to Aid NJ Waterways

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is sending dollars from pollution settlements back into the community to build up the waterfront around the Lower Passaic River and Newark Bay.

Manville Doesn’t Qualify for Federal Flood Mitigation

After 10-plus years and $3 million of research, Manville doesn’t qualify for federal flood mitigation measures, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Sen. Greenstein: Water Infrastructure Issues Start with the Pipes

Sen. Linda Greenstein says the state's deteriorating water pipes need to be replaced and that water main breaks and other issues cost businesses money.

Trump Ending Trans-Pacific Partnership Might Hurt NJ Businesses

Thirty-eight percent of goods exported from Jersey went to TPP countries last year.