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Three Baby Giraffes at Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure has three baby giraffes. Visitors can see the babies in person starting April 1.

Rep. Pallone Talks EPA, Affordable Care Act and More

Congressman Frank Pallone discusses change-ups at the Environmental Protection Agency, Republicans' possible replacement of Obamacare, the potential defunding of Planned Parenthood and more.

Pinelands Commission Votes to Permit South Jersey Gas Pipeline

The Pinelands Commission voted 9 to 5, with one abstention, to permit a controversial, 22-mile-long natural gas pipeline to pass through the heart of its preserved forest. Some opponents reacted with rage.

Activists Rally in Newark Over New EPA Administrator

Environmentalists see the new EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, as a wrecking ball aimed at the EPA’s heart. As Oklahoma’s attorney general, he sued the agency 14 times.

Once a Solar Industry Leader, NJ Now Lags in Job Creation

In its annual survey, national nonprofit The Solar Foundation finds while the rest of the country saw a 25 percent jump in solar job growth, New Jersey's fell by 14 percent, losing about 1,000 jobs.

Turtle Back Zoo Opens Sea Turtle Hospital

The Turtle Back Zoo is now home to the only long-term sea turtle hospital in New Jersey, one of fewer than 10 in the Northeast.

Advocates Have Given Up on Christie Administration Updating Water Supply Plan

Rutgers Associate Professor Daniel Van Abs, who helped write a water supply plan 21 years ago, has given up on the Christie administration updating the plan.

Snowy Owls Spotted in New Jersey

The majestic federally protected snowy owls are back from the Arctic and have been seen in New Jersey.

Winter is the Perfect Time to Eat Blue Crabs

Like bears, crabs hibernate during the winter, feasting for months to prepare, so they are their meatiest this time of year.

Proposed Fluke Restrictions Have Fishermen Concerned

New Jersey could see a 40 percent reduction in flounder fishing limits. That's more than the 30 percent reduction proposed for other Atlantic states.