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Questions Surround Proposal for NY to Buy NJ Water

Water company Suez submitted a proposal in June for New York to buy up to 5 million gallons of water a day from New Jersey’s largest reservoir and send it to the Empire State. The current drought is complicating matters.

Drought Lowers Water in Reservoir to Critical Levels

Roughly 8,000 New Jerseyans in the upper western corner of the state rely on Morris Lake for drinking water. The water is at the lowest level in nearly a decade.

Looking for Ways to Control Deer Population

Saddle River residents voted to study the deer population and reduce it by non-lethal means. One option is birth control for does, but that can be expensive.

Using Goats to Get Rid of Poison Ivy

The Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association is using goats to clear out poison ivy on land meant to house an educational center for children. The animals eat the poison ivy, killing it over time.

Advocates Push for Reduction of Carbon Emissions Through Electric Vehicles

According to a new study by an environmental coalition, the Frontier Group New Jersey should implement steps toward low carbon transportation.

NJDEP Considers Issuing Drought Warning

The state's Department of Environmental Protection held a hearing to discuss the severity of New Jersey's water shortage. The commissioner may up the drought watch to a warning.

Distraught Sandy Victims Angry Over FEMA Claims

Sandy victims exploded in anger towards Rep. Frank Pallone at a news conference about FEMA insurance claims.

Most of New Jersey Under Drought Watch

The U.S. Monitor declared the drought in Bergen County “severe” and “moderate” in the rest of northern New Jersey. The state DEP earlier this month expanded a drought watch to include all but three southern New Jersey counties.

Vented Methane at Landfill Burns Birds

Kingsland Landfill vents flammable methane 15 to 20 feet into the air. The burning gas isn't visible during the day and birds fly through it, which singes their feathers and kills some.

Double Trouble State Park Has Historic Cranberry Packing House, Bogs

A cranberry packing house, along with a dozen other buildings and inactive cranberry bogs, are part of the Double Trouble Historic Village, in the Pine Barrens Double Trouble State Park.