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Students Get Hands-On Science Lesson

The Meadowlands Environment Center in Lyndhurst hosts 20,000 students from 84 school districts each year to teach them about science in the outdoors.

Rutgers EcoComplex Encourages Green Entrepreneurs

The Rutgers University EcoComplex Clean Energy Innovation Center offers business owners lab space and support in Burlington County.

Stranded Seal Pups Recover at Marine Mammal Stranding Center

In New Jersey, seals come ashore in April and May. An average stay for wildlife at the Marine Mammal Stranding Center is six to eight weeks.

Environmental Professor: State’s New Water Supply Plan Short-Sighted

Water resource expert and Rutgers Professor Danial Van Abs says the state's new water supply plan should go further with recommendations and be more far-reaching.

NJ Audubon President Discusses How to Have a Wildlife-Friendly Yard

New Jersey Audubon President and CEO Eric Stiles explained how residents can configure their yards with native plantings that are friendly for wildlife.

Officials Rail Against Offshore Drilling in Belmar

At the re-opening of the Taylor Pavilion in Belmar, elected officials spoke out against President Trump's executive order to start the process to allow offshore oil and gas drilling on the East Coast.

Somerset Residents Hope to Stop Construction of Natural Gas Compressor

Residents in Franklin Township, South Brunswick and surrounding communities in Somerset County are racing against the clock to have their objections to a proposed natural gas compressor station heard.

Concern About Climate Change Negatively Impacting Health

Health experts say climate change is having a serious impact on health and they worry that President Trump's actions rolling back Obama era environmental policies will make the problem worse.

Outrage Over Company Backing Out of Superfund Cleanup Through Bankruptcy

Three months after the EPA announced the price tag for cleaning up a Superfund site in Newark, the company that bought polluter Diamond Alkali went into bankruptcy and backed away from the cleanup, leaving public outrage in its wake.

Osprey Population Rebounds in New Jersey

Back in 1975, New Jersey’s osprey population plummeted to less than 70 breeding pairs. The latest count shows 515 nesting osprey couples, most of them along Barnegat Bay.