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Making Eco-Friendly Products Can Also Be Profitable

Earth Friendly Products, which has a facility in Parsippany, is celebrating it's 50th anniversary in conjunction with global Earth Day events. Representatives say going green is good for the Earth, but also for the bottom line.

Elementary School Students Learn Science from Future Teachers

William Paterson University and Paterson School 12 are partners. Students from the WPU College of Education developed lesson plans and set up interactive booths in the university’s dining hall about science, nature and the environment for elementary school students.

Six Flags Elephant Shows Off Artistic Talent

Joyce, a 30-year-old African elephant at Six Flags Great Adventure, creates paintings that the theme park sells to benefit animal programs.

Rutgers Gardens Gets National Award

The more than a century old Rutgers Gardens has received the rarely awarded National Horticulture Landmark Award.

Environmental Advocates Speak Out Against Proposed EPA Cuts

Opponents of President Trump's proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency say the reduction would lead to more pollution and dangerous conditions nationwide.

Members of R.A.G.E. Fight JCP&L Pole Plan

Residents Against Giant Electric, R.A.G.E., is fighting JCP&L plans to plant poles to carry a new, 230 kilovolt electrical transmission line along railroad tracks.

Cleaning Up After Unlicensed Dumping of Contaminated Debris

New Jersey’s State Commission of Investigation found that unlicensed construction recyclers dumped contaminated debris in the state after Superstorm Sandy hit. Since then, municipalities have had to foot the bill for cleanup.

What EPA Funding Cuts Would Mean for New Jersey

Lawmakers say New Jersey will lose out if President Trump's proposed budget gets approved because cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency will mean the end of state programs that clean up Superfund sites and ensure clean and healthy water and air.

Working to Preserve Open Space to Protect Drinking Water

In Sussex County, the Land Conservancy of New Jersey is preserving land. Advocates say that is more cost effective than industrial ways of treating water.

Three Baby Giraffes at Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure has three baby giraffes. Visitors can see the babies in person starting April 1.