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Liberty State Park Supporters Say State’s Ready to Hand Park Over to Developers

Those opposed to development in Liberty State Park say a new bill doesn't guarantee that the DEP will retain control of approving projects.

Fight Over Cleaning Contaminated Jersey City Site

Mayor Steve Fulop wants to stop PPG from working on a site contaminated with chromium because he says the company, which agreed to clean up the area, is doing so in a way that makes the property useless.

Officials Announce Funding for Rahway River Flood Mitigation

The federal government will be providing money for flood mitigation in the Rahway River watershed.

New Law Raises Concern Over Liberty State Park

Gov. Christie signed legislation giving a new commission the authority to approve development plans in Liberty State Park, which has some worried about the park's future.

Many Bay Head Property Owners Oppose Beach Replenishment Program

Many in Bay Head haven't signed easements allowing for sand dunes to be built. They say the area has sand-covered boulders that prevent major storm damage.

Obama Order Establishes New Federal Flood Risk Management Standards

President Obama signed an executive order that establishes new federal flood risk management standards. That means homeowners using federal funds to rebuild will have to build higher structures to prevent future flooding.

Rutgers Researchers Collect Data from Antarctica in Real Time

Using underwater robots, researchers from Rutgers University are able to determine how the environment affects penguins in Antarctica.

Offshore Oil Drilling in the South Could Affect Jersey Shore Beaches

Oil drilling has been approved for 50 miles off the coast of Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia. Some worry if there is a spill, it could compromise the Jersey Shore.

Rutgers Marine Biologist: There Are Ways to Reverse Negative Impacts on Ocean Life

Rutgers Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources Assistant Professor Malin Pinsky says that marine life has been negatively impacted, but that there are still ways to help it heal.

Winter Storm Raises Concerns for Beaches

The weather conditions from Winter Storm Juno raise concerns about possible beach erosion and flooding.