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Rutgers Researchers Collect Data from Antarctica in Real Time

Using underwater robots, researchers from Rutgers University are able to determine how the environment affects penguins in Antarctica.

Offshore Oil Drilling in the South Could Affect Jersey Shore Beaches

Oil drilling has been approved for 50 miles off the coast of Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia. Some worry if there is a spill, it could compromise the Jersey Shore.

Rutgers Marine Biologist: There Are Ways to Reverse Negative Impacts on Ocean Life

Rutgers Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources Assistant Professor Malin Pinsky says that marine life has been negatively impacted, but that there are still ways to help it heal.

Winter Storm Raises Concerns for Beaches

The weather conditions from Winter Storm Juno raise concerns about possible beach erosion and flooding.

NJ Bald Eagle Population at All Time High

Although bald eagles are still listed on New Jersey's endangered species list, the number of birds has increased to an all time high.

Feds Find Fault With NJ Bill That Would Ease Restrictions on Wetlands

The Senate environmental committee voted out a measure that could open up the Pinelands and other areas to extensive cranberry farming.

More Than 20 Percent of State’s Drinking Water Never Makes It to the Tap

New Jersey’s decrepit water infrastructure is responsible for huge waste and higher prices for homes and businesses.

State DEP Takes Steps to Curb Sewage Runoff Into Surface Water

Some laud state agency for addressing long-standing problems with century-old infrastructure, others dismiss scheme as too little too late.

Christmas Trees Help Replenish Bradley Beach Dunes

The Bradley Beach DPW is using donated cut Christmas trees to help replenish sand dunes Hurricane Sandy destroyed.

Preservation Program Protects NJ Farmland

Over 212,000 acres of farmland in New Jersey have been permanently protected under the Farmland Preservation Program.