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Plans to Divvy Up State’s Open-Space Funds Continue to Raise a Clamor

There’s the Assembly proposal, the Senate plan and the administration’s approach -- none of which satisfy all interested parties.

Controversy Over South Plainfield Superfund Site Cleanup

Some are criticizing a $22 million settlement to clean up a Superfund site in South Plainfield, saying the full cleanup will cost much more.

Film Festival Puts Environment in the Forefront

The Princeton Public Library is hosting its ninth annual Princeton Environmental Film Festival, highlighting environmental issues.

Judiciary Committee Hears Criticism of Exxon Settlement

The Assembly Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the Exxon settlement.

NJ Future Senior Director: Upgrading Infrastructure to Keep Sewage Out of Waterways Will Take Time

NJ Future Senior Director of State Policy Chris Sturm says that new permits give sewer treatment utilities three to five years to adopt a plan and specify how they plan to get combined sewer overflows under control.

All About Owls

There are eight species of owls in New Jersey. They hear and fly in ways different from other birds.

Residents Blast Exxon Settlement

Those living near the sites ExxonMobil contaminated say the settlement reached with the company doesn't make it pay enough for cleanup.

Making Maple Syrup in New Jersey

Students learn the technique of making maple syrup at Howell Living History Farm during maple sugaring season, which ends in late March.

Environmentalists Campaign by Bus Ahead of Pinelands Commission Vote

Conservationists hit the road to visit five New Jersey senators still believed to be undecided about the controversial Barr nomination.

Officials Work to Ban Synthetic Microbeads

Synthetic plastic microbeads used in personal care products pose environmental dangers since they pass through most water treatment systems and end up in waterways.