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Should You Worry About Shark Attacks at the Jersey Shore?

With recent shark attacks in North Carolina, some are worried about sharks in the waters closer to home. But experts say the chances of getting bitten by a shark are very slim.

Monitoring Mosquitoes in Monmouth County

The Monmouth County Mosquito Control Division monitors and samples mosquito hot spots as warmer weather approaches.

Bacteria Could Help Clean Groundwater Contaminated by Uranium Ore Processing, Rutgers Study Finds

Scientists have discovered a bacterium in soil at an ore mill in Colorado that essentially breathes uranium and renders it immobile

Coalition Frustrated Shark River Hasn’t Been Dredged

Members of the Shark River Cleanup Coalition are frustrated the Shark River has yet to be dredged. The state DOT says it recently applied for the necessary permits to do the work.

Former DEP Drought Manager: Water Infrastructure Needs Updating

Former DEP Drought Manager Dennis Hart says that water infrastructure around New Jersey is old and that it's important to improve it. He says it can help improve the state's economy.

Endangered African Penguins Can Be Found at Jenkinson’s Aquarium

The African penguin population is declining in the wild, making them endangered. But at Jenkinson's Aquarium in Point Pleasant Beach, the birds are thriving.

Wild Bees: It’s How Many, Not Which Ones, that Counts

Rutgers and University of Calgary research on “real-world” farms gives a clearer picture of how pollination works.

Learning More to Help Restore the Barnegat Bay

The NJDEP is collecting data to learn more about the habitats in the Barnegat Bay and help preserve them.

Assembly Committee Holds Hearing on ExxonMobil Settlement in Bayonne

Members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee heard testimony regarding the state's proposed $225 million settlement with ExxonMobil over pollution. Some residents and politicians say the deal goes too easy on the company that polluted Bayonne, Linden and Elizabeth.

Business Leaders, Unions Say South Jersey Pipeline Would Be a Boon to Local Economy

Supporters of a natural gas pipeline through the Pinelands from South Jersey Gas say it will help the region get rid of a coal-burning plant in favor of a high efficiency gas-burning plant. Opponents say the project will increase global warming pollution.