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Dog Owners Upset with New Restrictions at ‘Dog Beach’

The Fisherman's Cove Conservation Area in Manasquan, dubbed Dog Beach by locals, has implemented new restrictions on having dogs off leash in the area.

South Jersey Gas Tweaks Pipeline Application

South Jersey Gas has tweaked its original application for a natural gas pipeline through the Pinelands, hoping the design changes will help soften opposition.

NJDEP Commissioner Outlines State of the Shore

NJ Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin says Jersey Shore beaches are open and ready for tourists this Memorial Day weekend during the annual State of the Shore event.

Students Work for Legislation to Protect Turtles

Students at the Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science have testified in front of a Senate committee to push for legislation that would change the designation for diamondback terrapins, turtles that live in New Jersey.

DEP Evaluates South Jersey Gas Pipeline Route Through Pinelands

The DEP letter evaluating potential pipeline routes calls South Jersey Gas' initial proposal the "preferred alternative."

Running on Empty? Mapping New Jersey’s Alternative-Fuel Stations

The Garden State has only two alternative fueling stations for every 100,000 vehicles, the second-lowest ranking in the country.

Rutgers Scarlet Strawberry Has More Flavor Than Its Counterparts

The Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station has created strawberry plants that are better suited for New Jersey's climate and produce better tasting fruit.

Tracking a Great White Shark Off the Jersey Shore

Ocearch, a non-profit dedicated to researching large predators, captured and tagged great white shark Mary Lee near Cape Cod three years ago. She's been tracked off the Jersey Shore and thousands of Twitter followers.

Allergy Sufferers Face Tough Pollen Season

Medical professionals say this allergy season is particularly bad with intense pollen production.

Report Gives 11 of 15 NJ Counties an F for High Ozone Days

The American Lung Association's State of the Air Report found 11 of the 15 counties monitored got an F for High Ozone Days. The organization is concerned about New Jersey's air quality.