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Sen. Lesniak, Environmentalists Ask Judge to Let Them Intervene in Exxon Settlement Case

Sen. Ray Lesniak and a group of environmentalists have asked a Superior Court judge to let them legally intervene in the Exxon settlement case. The company has agreed to pay $225 million to the state of New Jersey for environmental damage, but opponents say Exxon owes close to $9 billion.

Horses Help Medical Students Improve Bedside Manner

Rutgers Medical School offers Horses for Healers, a class that lets students interact with horses to become more aware of non-verbal cues that will help with future patients.

Pleasant Valley Lavender Offers the Plants in New Jersey

Pleasant Valley Lavender in Morganville gives people a place to get lavender, which can be used in various ways, including in cooking and on the skin.

Studying Portuguese Man-of-War in New Jersey

Portuguese Man-of-War stings can be severe and they have been found along the Jersey Shore this summer.

Liberty State Park Advocates Fear Commercial Development Despite New Law

Even though officials passed a law granting the NJDEP final say over development at Liberty State Park, advocates say keeping the Meadowlands Commission involved is troubling.

Report: Hudson River Most Polluted Between North Jersey and NYC

Nearly half of the samples taken from the Hudson River between northern New Jersey and New York City failed the EPA's safe swimming guidelines, according to a Hudson Riverkeeper report.

Making Oyster Babies on the Barnegat Bay

The American Littoral Society has started the process of making oyster babies by pouring larvae into a spat tank in Ocean Gate.

NJ Students Travel to Sri Lanka to Teach ESL and Help Wild Elephants

Guru Travel, a summer service program started by a Montclair resident, takes kids to Sri Lank to teach English to children of farmers and help inform them about wild elephant preservation.

Research Shows Number of Bees, Not Number of Species, Improves Pollination

Rutgers researchers studied farms in New Jersey and found that pollination is best when there are more wild bees, even if they are from the same species.

Fishermen’s Energy Wants State Supreme Court to Rule on Wind-Farm Project

Twice blocked by the BPU and rejected by the appellate court, offshore wind developer Fishermen's Energy hopes to get its day in top court.