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Hot, Dry Weather Helps Grapes Thrive

The hot, dry weather New Jersey has been experiencing is good for growing grapes.

As Old Computer Monitors and Electronics Pile Up, Environmental Risk Grows

Many e-waste recyclers can no longer find vendors interested in their offerings, increasing the likelihood that lead will leach into soil.

NJDEP Monitors Water Quality from the Air

The NJDEP Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring flies over the coast six days a week to ensure the water is safe for swimmers.

High School Students Work with College Professors to Minimize Jellyfish Population

High school students in the Weston Science Scholars Program get to work with Montclair State University professors for hands-on experience in scientific research.

Thunderstorm Cuts Belmar’s Sandcastle Contest Short

Although a thunderstorm cleared the beach in Belmar during the 29th New Jersey Sandcastle Contest, people still participated and will be awarded prizes.

Stevens Students Build Sustainable House for Solar Decathlon

Stevens Institute of Technology students have created a sustainable house using solar power for the U.S. Department of Energy contest Solar Decathlon 2015. They say it is a useful design for the Jersey Shore.

NJ Blue Holes Can be Beautiful But Deadly

Old quarries that have filled with water form blue holes in New Jersey. The picturesque places look like swimming pools, but some have drowned in the very deep, cold waters.

Sierra Club Director: DEP Did Not Protect Environment with Exxon Settlement

New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel says that the Department of Environmental Protection did not protect the environment in New Jersey when it agreed to a settlement with Exxon for contaminating refinery sites.

Horticulture Industry is Largest Sector of NJ Agriculture

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture says horticulture, the practice of garden cultivation and management, is the largest sector of the state's agriculture.

Sen. Lesniak, Environmentalists Ask Judge to Let Them Intervene in Exxon Settlement Case

Sen. Ray Lesniak and a group of environmentalists have asked a Superior Court judge to let them legally intervene in the Exxon settlement case. The company has agreed to pay $225 million to the state of New Jersey for environmental damage, but opponents say Exxon owes close to $9 billion.