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Rutgers Tomato Reinvented with Even More Flavor

The New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station is improving a tomato variety thought to be lost to history.

Study Finds More Bacteria in Beach Sand Than Water

A recent survey of several beaches found more E. coli bacteria in the sand than in the water because bacteria disperses more readily in ocean waves.

Deep Cut Gardens Offers European Experience in Middletown

Deep Cut Gardens, part of the Monmouth County Park System, has 54 acres of trails, cultivated gardens, open lawns, ponds and greenhouses.

Judge Hears Final Arguments of Proposed Exxon Settlement

Judge Michael Hogan heard final arguments in the proposed Exxon settlement case after sitting through trial testimony and reading through public comments. He said parties shouldn't expect a decision until the end of August.

Ironbound Residents Say EPA Emissions Deal Welcome But Not Nearly Enough

The EPA, Port Authority and terminal operators at Port Newark are working to reduce truck idling to improve air quality in the city.

Looking at New Jersey’s Thriving Peach Industry

New Jersey ranks fourth in the nation in peach production, totaling $27.9 million.

Finishing Final Phase of Oyster Restoration Project in Barnegat Bay

The American Littoral Society emptied bags of oyster shells on a reef in Barnegat Bay to complete an oyster restoration project.

Environmentalists Head Back to Court to Be Heard in ExxonMobil Case

Five "green" groups have asked an appellate panel to let them intervene in the controversial legal action.

Helping Hearts Rescues Horses

Helping Hearts Equine Rescue in Perrineville gives horses a second chance at life.

Gypsy Moth Caterpillars Wreak Havoc on North Jersey Trees

The gypsy moth population is booming in North Jersey, which is bad news for trees since the caterpillars are voracious leaf eaters.