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Fisherman Say Industry is Dying in NJ

Federal fishing restrictions and damage from Sandy have fishermen fearing the loss of fishing as an industry in New Jersey.

Christie Approves $1.94 Billion for Critical Water Infrastructure Improvements

Governor Christie approved $1.94 billion to improve drinking and waste water systems in New Jersey. Much of the outdated system was damaged in Superstorm Sandy.

Spreading Sustainability in Gloucester Township

Camden County expects its first sustainability campus to be ready by the end of October in Gloucester Township.

ReClam the Bay Nurtures Baby Shellfish in Order to Repopulate the Bay

ReClam The Bay, an organization established by the Barnegat Bay Shellfish Resotration Program, volunteers to build and maintain upwellers in the Barnegat bay and nurture baby shellfish in order to repopulate the bay.

Judge Sides With Exxon in $225 Million Settlement

After months of litigation, a judge ruled that the $225 million dollar Exxon settlement is fair despite the $8.9 billion originally requested from the state.

Growing Healthy Habits in Trenton Community Gardens

Isles Urban Agriculture Program has provided more than 60 school and community gardens in Trenton, working with families to find low-cost ways to foster self-reliant families and healthy sustainable communities.

Cleaning Up Paterson’s Great Falls

Once a year, the Great Falls in Paterson are turned off in order for volunteers to collect trash and debris that collects at the bottom of the waterfall.

Is There Raw Sewage In Our Waterways?

When heavy rains occur, excess water combines with waste and flows into our waterways.

Clean Water Action Campaign Manager: Political Will Needed to Move to a Green Economy

David Pringle, Campaign Manager for Clean Water Action, says that political will is needed from legislators in order to move towards a green economy. The state scored a failing grade on environmental issues on the agency's report card.

Rutgers Brings Back the Jersey Tomato

Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station is working to to rediscover and release the Jersey tomato. The tomato was made popular in the past by being one of the primary types of tomatoes used in Campbell's tomato soup.