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Conditions Ripe for Wildfires in NJ

New Jersey is in the midst of a lingering dry spell and it’s got fire officials on high alert.

NJ Motorists Will Soon Have to Pay for Emissions Re-Inspection

New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission is doing away with the tailpipe emissions test May 1 and within a few months, motorists who fail the new emissions test will have to pay to get re-inspected.

New Jersey Earth Day 2016 Events

April 22 is Earth Day, but there are events happening throughout New Jersey during much of the month.

Climate Change Causes NJ Growing Season to Start Earlier

New research has found New Jersey's growing season for farmers is starting earlier, more like Maryland or Virginia, since temperatures are warming.

Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival Starts April 9

The 40th annual Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival begins April 9 in Branch Brook Park.

Environmentalists Fight Great Adventure’s Solar Site

Six environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against Six Flags Great Adventure to stop the building of solar panels at the Jackson facility that would require the removal of 15,000 trees.

Opposition to Approved NJ Natural Gas Pipeline Continues

Opponents of the New Jersey Natural Gas pipeline have vowed to fight it in court with municipalities lobbying elected officials for their help.

Report: Sea Level Rise Could Displace Hundreds of Thousands in NJ

A study found a three-foot sea level rise could displace more than 300,000 New Jersey residents. A six-foot increase could force more than 800,000 New Jersey residents to relocate.

VP of Stewardship for NJ Audubon Society Talks Plans to Preserve Sparta Mountain Forest

Vice President of Stewardship for New Jersey Audubon Society John Cecil talks about the Sparta Mountain Forest Stewardship Plan to preserve the Sparta Mountain Forests.

EPA to Try Two Cleanup Methods in Pompton Lakes

Groundwater beneath Pompton Lakes homes is a health threat because of a DuPont plant where munitions were made. The EPA is now trying two different methods to try to address pollution concerns.