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Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge Cares for Animals

The Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford takes care of injured animals, releasing some back into the wild.

NJ Sierra Club Director Praises Legislative Action to Block Changes to Flood Hazard Plan

NJ Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel says the Christie administration's proposed changes to the rules to protect land in flood zones would have rolled back protections.

New Jersey’s Untapped Potential for Wind Energy

Research shows New Jersey has more potential than any other state in the region to produce offshore wind power, but it has yet to create a financing plan to make it affordable.

Sea Level Rise Threatens Survival of Barrier Islands

One expert believes New Jersey's barrier islands will no longer be inhabitable in 50 years because of rising ocean levels.

Natural Gas Pipeline Through the Pine Barrens One Step Closer To Being Built

The BPU voted unanimously to approve the controversial project that will convert the BL England Power Plant, in Cape May County, from a coal and oil-burning facility into cleaner, natural gas.

Toxic NJ: Cleanup Backlog

Thousands of old gas stations have oil tanks still in the ground, while others sit abandoned. Cleanup is slow and expensive.

Investigating: Toxic NJ

Toxic NJ is a three-part series that delves into the issue of oil and gasoline contamination from leaking underground storage tanks and the impact on homeowners and the environment.

Toxic NJ: The Hidden Liabilities of Hidden Oil Tanks

One environmental attorney calls it the Wild Wild West – insurance companies exclude liability for home fuel oil tanks, so homeowners are left on the hook for remediation.

Toxic NJ: The Cost of Contamination

Even after homeowners remove oil tanks from their properties, contaminated soil can remain. And worse — those oil plumes can spread underground to neighbors who then have their own remediation problems to deal with.

New Jersey’s Industrial Coast Remains Vulnerable to the Next Extreme Storm

Has the state done enough to ensure that North Jersey’s massive spills of sewage and diesel fuel aren’t a disaster waiting to happen again?