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Surplus Crops Stock Local Food Pantries

Farmers Against Hunger, a program of the New Jersey Agricultural Society, coordinates gleanings with about 20 participating farms in the state. The produce goes to 70 different community organizations, and those organizations distribute to about 7,500 people weekly during the harvest season.

Community Comes Together to Help Families Return Home Three Years After Sandy

New Jersey’s disbursed about $660 million in federal money for reconstruction, rehabilitation, remediation and elevation of Sandy-damaged homes. The state says 8,000 homeowners remain in the program, 4,500 applicants have withdrawn and almost 2,000 have completed reconstruction.

Garden State Ranked Third in Cranberry Production

New Jersey is ranked third nationwide in cranberry utilized production, totaling 614,000 barrels in 2014 and resulting in over $22.5 million in utilized production value. That number is up from $20.3 million in 2013.

Sen. Greenstein on Why Not to Revise the Flood Hazard Area Control Act

Sen. Greenstein spoke about why revisions to the Flood Hazard Area Control Act would be detrimental to the environment. She said, "Whether it's the fish in the sea, whether it's the water quality, whether it's flood control, all of these aspects of water will be revised as a result of what the DEP wants to do and we want to stop it."

Hoboken Welcomes Green Roofs to Help Fight Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater runoff that comes from downspouts rushes onto roads, picking up copper from brake pads, fuel and chemicals. In urban areas like Hoboken, where there isn’t much natural ground to soak it up, that stomwater flows into the sewers and out to bodies of water, affecting the ecosystem. Green roofs aim to help eliminate excess stormwater.

Customers Will See Lower Bills For Heating Costs This Winter

PSE&G is connecting customers with upgraded plastic pipes and replacing miles of old cast iron lines. The natural gas flowing through these pipes will cost less. This winter fuel prices won’t bite quite so hard, from home heating oil to natural gas.

Bulkhead Blitz Keeps Jellyfish Population at Bay

The DEP and Montclair State University demonstrated the steps homeowners can take to reduce sea nettle populations, which include periodically scrubbing or power-washing. If sea nettle populations aren't kept in check they can create an ecological imbalance.

Rate Increases Sought to Improve Water Infrastructure

Underground pipes that carry water from treatment plants to homes and businesses are more than 50 years-old in suburbs, and more than 100 years-old in cities. Those pipes crack and lead to leaking. For every four gallons of clean water that flows through a faucet, one is lost underground through broken pipes.

Environmentalists Cite Mercer Generating Station as Source of River Pollution

The Mercer Generating Station, located outside Trenton, kills more than 70 million different fish and fish larvae each year, according to the NJ Sierra Club. That includes more than 30 different species of fish, including some on the endangered species list.

The Science Behind What We Find Cute

Features such as big eyes, goofiness, pudginess, fuzziness and awkwardness play a role in what humans find cute.