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PSE&G Wants More Solar Farms in New Jersey

PSE&G owns a solar farm at the Meadowlands and wants 10 more like it. The company filed for another 100 megawatts of solar grid-connected projects on landfills and brownfields. It needs approval from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

Ironbound Residents Want Truck Emissions Reduced

One in four Newark children have asthma, three times the state average. Residents attribute that high rate to the large amount of truck traffic going to and from Port Newark.

Petition Aims to Stop Recycling Center in Ringwood

Ringwood residents have a petition drive to stop the borough’s plan to build a recycling center on top of the O’Connor Disposal Area. For years, the Ford Motor Company had dumped tons of paint sludge there from its former Mahwah plant.

Horseshoe Crabs Essential for Bird Species’ Survival

The red knot is a species of bird that travels 19,000 miles from South America to the Arctic. They stop and feed in the Delaware Bay on horseshoe crabs, which are endangered. The shortened supply doesn't allow the birds to properly refuel on their journey which also makes them endangered.

Residents Set to Battle State Over the Future of Sparta Mountain

Locals are fighting to stop the NJDEP from allowing the cutting down of older trees on Sparta Mountain, fearing it will become a safe haven for commercial logging operations.

Ringwood Still Plagued with Contamination

For years, the now-closed Ford Motor Company assembly plant in Mahwah dumped hundreds of thousands of tons of paint sludge in two, deep Ringwood mines and contaminated the soil and water. Although there was site cleanup in the '90s, it remains on the Superfund list.

College Kids Make Strides in Green Engineering

Students at Raritan Valley Community College, Rutgers and Stevens Institute of Technology work in various ways to minimize people's impact on the environment.

Conditions Ripe for Wildfires in NJ

New Jersey is in the midst of a lingering dry spell and it’s got fire officials on high alert.

NJ Motorists Will Soon Have to Pay for Emissions Re-Inspection

New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission is doing away with the tailpipe emissions test May 1 and within a few months, motorists who fail the new emissions test will have to pay to get re-inspected.

New Jersey Earth Day 2016 Events

April 22 is Earth Day, but there are events happening throughout New Jersey during much of the month.