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EPA to Try Two Cleanup Methods in Pompton Lakes

Groundwater beneath Pompton Lakes homes is a health threat because of a DuPont plant where munitions were made. The EPA is now trying two different methods to try to address pollution concerns.

Can New Jersey Use 80 Percent Renewable Energy by 2050?

A bill seeking to make New Jersey predominately dependent on renewable energy by the year 2050 is being reintroduced after Gov. Christie previously pocket vetoed it.

Aerial Saw Saves Crews Time Trimming Trees

The aerial saw, with its 10 spinning blades that are suspended from a helicopter, has the potential to save JCP&L crews time and effort when it comes to trimming trees.

Companies to Pay $1.4B to Clean Up Passaic River

The EPA announced it will get dozens of companies to pay $1.4 billion to clean up toxic waste they dumped into the lower eight miles of the Passaic River for decades.

Fishing for Energy Project Turns Marine Debris Into Energy

Old crab pots litter the sea floor. Energy company Covanta is converting that debris into electricity.

Climate Change Takes from the Poor, Gives to the Rich, Study Finds

As fish and other natural resources move in response to climate change, wealth moves with them.

Water Tampers with Fish Hormones, Causing Males to Develop Female Traits

The U.S. Geological Survey has found water is tampering with the hormones of male bass, causing them to develop female reproductive traits.

Millions of Plastic Particles in NY/NJ Harbor

The latest New York-New Jersey Baykeeper report has found about 165 million plastic particles floating at any given time in the New York-New Jersey Harbor. Those particles can make their way to other waterways and be eaten by animals and ultimately people.

Pinelands Preservation Alliance Report Details Setbacks

A bleak outlook for the Pinelands. That's the conclusion of the 9th annual report by the advocacy group the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.

Debate Over Plans to Reduce Hoboken Flooding

Hoboken residents agree that something needs to be done to reduce flooding, but they don't seem to want a seawall as the solution.