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Monitoring Water Quality at the Jersey Shore

Environmental officials take to the skies to look for anything that could effect the water quality at the Jersey Shore.

Nesting Bird Project Manager Talks ‘Intensive Conservation’ of Piping Plovers

Piping plovers, tiny birds that nest on New Jersey's shorelines, are not yet endangered but are under "intensive conservation". Conserve Wildlife Beach Nesting Bird Project Manager Todd Plover explains what that means.

NJ Freight Bridges Appear to be in Poor Condition

Advocates peer worriedly at a rusty, century-old drawbridge perched on crumbly-looking supports. But without an engineering report, it’s tough to determine whether injuries are structural or cosmetic.

New Rules Aim to Reduce Farmworkers’ Exposure to Pesticides

Government officials revealed tougher EPA regulations aimed at providing consistent protection to farmworkers across the country.

Heat Wave Causes Fish Kill at Saddle River County Park

Thousands of fish died at Saddle River County Park as temperatures soared and a fountain that helps aerate the water failed.

Disagreement Over Highlands Development Plan

The DEP has proposed new rules governing the Highlands that would permit an additional 1,145 septic systems, about 12 percent more than under existing regulations.

Fire Departments Focus on Solar Panel Safety

Firefighters say solar panel installation creates limited access to the roof, where they vent the smoke from a burning building, and poses the threat of electrocution.

Mahwah Residents Concerned About New Teterboro Flight Path

Teterboro Airport is testing a new flight path and some Mahway residents say it's negatively affecting their quality of life.

Flight Delays Possible From ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Weather

Hot temperatures can cause planes to have decreased performance when it comes to takeoffs and landings. That inefficiency results in planes needing longer runways, which some smaller airports don't have.

Experts Predict Record Year for NJ Shark Sightings

Warmer temperatures are expected to increase the number of shark sightings along the New Jersey coast because it warms the ocean waters making them more attractive to sharks and it increases the number of people on the beach.