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What It’s Like to be an RNC Delegate

NJTV News Correspondent Erin Delmore spoke with members of the New Jersey delegation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to find out what their experience has been.

A Look at Donald Trump, Then and Now

Donald Trump has been a public figure for many years. Michael Aron looks back at archival footage of the presidential candidate when he was an Atlantic City mogul.

Christie ‘Disappointed’ Over VP Pick, But Still in Good Position at RNC

Gov. Christie spoke before the start of the Republican National Convention about being passed over as Donald Trump's running mate, his current standing and the state of affairs in New Jersey.

Security Tight in Cleveland for RNC

The city of Cleveland swore in 2,000 out-of-state officers to assist its group of 500 and added 3,000 federal officers assigned to RNC security.

NJ Delegation Weighs in on Trump at RNC

Members of the New Jersey delegation spoke about presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

RNC Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Get an inside look at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland from Michael Aron, David Cruz and Erin Delmore.

Sen. Pennacchio Discusses GOP Platform

State Sen. Joe Pennacchio discusses what some are calling a very conservative platform for the Republican National Convention.

GOP Convention No Shows No Worry to Trump’s Jersey Supporters

Many prominent members of the Republican Party aren't going to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

In Atlantic City, Clinton Trashes Trump’s Legacy

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stood in front of the old Trump Plaza in Atlantic City and told a crowd Republican nominee Donald Trump is unfit to lead the nation.

Female Republicans in NJ Find Trump Tough to Back

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has had some difficulty gaining support from women. Even some Republicans in New Jersey say they are finding it hard to back the candidate.