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How Candidates’ Health Matters to Voters

The news that Hillary Clinton has pneumonia has brought up the issue of candidates' health and how it impacts voters' decisions.

ELEC Can Perform Most Functions Without All Commissioners

Election Law Enforcement Commission Executive Director Jeff Brindle said without a full complement of commissioners ELEC cannot issue fines, but it can perform most other functions.

Gubernatorial Candidate Murphy Files Complaint Against Jersey City Mayor

Phil Murphy, currently the only official candidate for governor, has filed a complaint with the Election Law Enforcement Commission saying that Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop is using mayoral campaign funds for a gubernatorial run.

Are New Jersey Voting Machines Vulnerable to Hacking?

Former FBI agent Manny Gomez says New Jersey's 11,000 computerized voting machines are easy for hackers to break into.

ELEC Unable to Meet Because of Vacancies

The Election Law Enforcement Commission oversees campaign financing for every election in the state. But for the last five months its board of commissioners, which punishes violators, has been unable to meet because three of the four seats are vacant.

Former Christie Aide Says She’ll Vote for Hillary Clinton

Maria Comella, a former aide to Gov. Chris Christie, says she will be casting her ballot for Hillary Clinton in the November election.

Assessing Hillary Clinton’s DNC Speech

Charles Stile, Dustin Racioppi and David Cruz joined Michael Aron after Hillary Clinton gave her speech at the DNC to discuss how the presidential candidate did in comparison to Republican opponent Donald Trump.

It’s Hillary Clinton’s Turn to Make Her Case to Voters

Hillary Clinton will take the stage during the final night of the Democratic National Convention to explain why she's the right person to be president of the United States.

Menendez Calls Trump’s Action Treason; Booker Tells Dems Don’t Be Complacent

During a New Jersey delegation breakfast at the DNC, Sen. Bob Menendez said Donald Trump calling on Russia to hack emails is treason. Sen. Cory Booker told Democrats that they have to go to the polls in November to make sure Trump doesn't win the White House.

Some Dems Wish Ticket Had Person of Color

Some party activists thought that, especially in the soon to be post-Obama era, the Democrats missed an opportunity to elevate a person of color to the number two slot with Hillary Clinton.