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Voter Selfies Still a No-No in NJ

Under current New Jersey law, showing your ballot could get you up to a $10,000 fine and to up 18 months in prison.

Debate Over Ballot Question to Dedicate Fuel Tax to TTF

Ballot question 2 asks New Jersey voters to amend the constitution to dedicate all revenue from the state motor fuels tax and petroleum products gross receipts tax to the Transportation Trust Fund. But not everyone thinks it's a good idea.

NJ Prevents Inmates, Parolees from Voting

According to New Jersey law, those who are incarcerated aren't allowed to vote and the state continues to block people on probation or parole from casting ballots.

Number of Absentee Ballots Up from 2012, 2008

Applications for absentee ballots already top numbers for 2012 and 2008 in Essex County with five days to go before the general election.

Local Questions Abound on Next Week’s Ballot

While many are thinking about the presidential race Nov. 8, many New Jersey municipalities have questions on the ballot that directly impact residents.

Tight Fifth District Race Attracts Attention

Democrat Josh Gottheimer is running against Republican incumbent Scott Garrett in the fifth congressional district.

Efforts to Prevent Voter Fraud, Intimidation on Election Day

Groups in New Jersey are working to make sure people know when and how to vote and prevent voter intimidation on Election Day.

Sen. Bateman Discusses Problems with Gas Tax Hike

State Sen. Kip Bateman discusses why he wants the gas tax repealed and how his alternative legislation would replenish the Transportation Trust Fund.

Presidential Race Poses Unique Challenge for Schools

In an election cycle marred by inflammatory campaign rhetoric and insults that would undoubtedly earn a ticket to detention, schools across New Jersey have been struggling to find creative ways to teach kids the process.

New Jersey Reaction to Final Presidential Debate

Politicians supporting Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spoke out the day after the final presidential debate in Las Vegas.