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Presidential Politics Driving Tough Talk on Syrian Refugees Crisis

In the wake of the Paris attacks and sketchy reports of falsified passports being used by potential terrorists, the question of who is safe to allow into this country has become the litmus tests by which the GOP's hopefuls, expect to be judged.

Turnover In the Assembly as Democrats Pick Up Seats In Hotly Contested Districts

Democrats came out on top in yesterday's election. They gained three, possibly four, seats which would make the tally for Democrats in the Assembly 52-28. That's still two seats shy of a veto proof majority.

Republicans Resigned as Largely Noncompetitive Election Closes In

Of the 40 districts in the state, each sending two members to the Assembly, only two are really in play: districts one and two that are in deep South Jersey along the shore.

Watching the ‘Dog Fight’ for Assembly in District One

A Stockton poll found only three points separated the candidates in late October. Conventional wisdom favors the incumbents — and in this district it’s split. One incumbent is Democrat Bob Andrewzacjk, the other is Republican Sam Fiocchi.

School Board Elections: the Race No One Wants to Run

School Board elections can often grow contentious, controversial and in the case of New Jersey this year, uncontested. 522 school districts will select board candidates today, but most of the seats have just one or none running.

Strategists Talk Assembly Race Politics on Election Day

Republican strategist Chris Russell and Democratic strategist Bill Caruso discuss the politics behind key races in the Assembly elections.

NJ Decides 2015

All 80 seats in the state assembly are up for grabs as voters head to the polls. Taxes, pensions and the Transportation Trust Fund all hang in the balance.

NJ Decides 2015 Election Results

Live updates of election results in all 40 Assembly races in New Jersey.

NJ Decides 2015: Election Night

NJ Decides 2015: Election Night - NJTV's Election Day special covering all 40 legislative districts in New Jersey with field correspondents and political experts.

Most New Jerseyans Uninformed of State Politics as Assembly Election Nears

A Rutgers-Eagleton poll found that most New Jersey residents know nothing about next week's Assembly election. The poll also found that only five percent can identify a state senator, but only three percent could name their own correctly.