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Director of Black Alliance for Educational Options Talks Parent Involvement

Newark's Black Alliance for Educational Options offers special instruction to improve PARCC test scores and graduation rates that's not for students, but for their parents.

Camden Superintendent Gives 2016 Progress Report

In the three years since the state took control of the failing Camden school district, graduation rates have risen from less than half to 70 percent.

High School Nurses, Counselors Receive Free Overdose Antidote

School nurses and counselors got free boxes of Narcan spray, used to reverse opioid overdoses. The drug epidemic now looms over New Jersey classrooms, reportedly with ODs in Ocean and Camden County high schools.

Students Call for President to Name Rutgers Sanctuary Campus

Chanting students staged a sit-in at the Rutgers Board of Governors meeting after President Robert Barchi offered to protect unauthorized immigrant students, but refused to officially designate the university a “Sanctuary Campus.”

Drone Technology Takes Off in New Jersey

Top researchers from NJ schools met with legislators to talk about research, development and new applications for drone technology.

NJ Schools Can Hire Retired Police Officers for Security

A new law gives districts the ability to hire specially trained, retired police officers for security at public and private schools and on community college campuses.

Scarlet and Black Project Tells the Story of Rutgers’ Disenfranchised

Rutgers Scarlet and Black Project is working to bring the histories of African-American and Native American people at Rutgers to light.

NJ to Get $18M in Federal Money for Pre-K

This year’s federal grant will allow 17 New Jersey school districts to continue their work and start up new pre-K programs, sending 2,000 4-year-olds through their doors, 6,000 total since the start of the Preschool Development Grant Program, aimed at lifting up children from low- to moderate-income families.

Sen. Menendez Praises Rutgers Alzheimer’s Research

Sen. Bob Menendez toured the Neuroscience and Cell Biology Department at Rutgers where researchers say they've found a way to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s in its early stages.

Slinging Pumpkins in the Name of Science

Picatinny Arsenal is turning Lake Picatinny into ground zero for the first-ever pumpkin slinging STEM competition for high school students.