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NJ Education Department Plans Changes to Help Better Prepare Teachers

Many teachers in New Jersey have said they're not adequately prepared for the job so the Department of Education will implement changes to try to better prepare people for the profession.

Getting Young Students Interested in Reading

Barnes & Noble and United Way of Greater Union County teamed up to give Plainfield students books to get them more interested in reading.

Announcing TCNJ Snow Days Has Made Dave Muha a Campus Celebrity

Dave Muha, associate VP of communications at The College of New Jersey has reached celebrity status on campus for his announcements about snow days.

High School Graduation Rates Up

More students are graduating high school than ever before nationwide. New Jersey ranks second in the country for its graduation rate.

Surviving a Commuter Marriage

A Rutgers professor examines how the growing trend of couples living apart for work relates to work, family and gender roles.

Sen. Weinberg: There is No Deal to Save the Pension System

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg says although Gov. Christie said there was a deal to save the state's pension system during his budget address, that's not true.

School District Apologizes for PARCC Incentives

Morris Hills Regional District offered incentives for students to take the controversial PARCC test.

Assembly Approves Bill to Delay PARCC Test

Members of the Assembly voted 63 to 7 to delay the PARCC test results being used by three years.

Newark Students’ Protest Gets Them Meeting with Superintendent

Members of Newark Students Union got a meeting with Superintendent Cami Anderson after locking themselves in her office for three nights. Anderson said the meeting was productive, but the students disagree.

Hamilton Students Get Delayed Opening for Teachers to Get PARCC Training

Classes in Hamilton Township started 90 minutes late for a final teacher training on administering the PARCC tests.