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Bill Aims to Reduce College Tuition Costs

A proposed bill would require all New Jersey colleges and universities to develop a $10,000 four-year BA degree program that includes tuition and fees.

WPU President: $10,000 Degree Program May Not Work for All

William Paterson President Dr. Kathleen Waldron says a bill proposing a $10,000 baccalaureate degree program might not be feasible for all schools or all degree programs.

‘Stabbed in the heart’: Stockton’s Showboat campus in jeopardy, university president says

Stockton University President Herman Saatkamp says the school's efforts to create a residential branch campus in Atlantic City have reached a stalemate.

Fighting Drug Addiction in Youth

Children are being exposed to drugs at a younger and younger age. One Rutgers professor hopes to educate children about drug use and abuse.

Assembly Ed. Committee Members Grill DOE Staffer Over PARCC Privacy Concerns

Members of the Assembly Education Committee heard from the NJ Department of Education about how Pearson, which is administering the PARCC test, has been monitoring students' social media accounts.

Camden Launches ‘Family University’ to Engage Families in Education

Superintendent Paymon Rouhanifard unveiled a site at the Kroc Center that he hopes will be a hub for the community outside of schools.

Tuition at County Colleges Climbs Across NJ, Essex Students Protest Board Meeting

Essex County College students attended a board of trustees meeting to protest a potential 20 percent tuition hike.

Pearson Monitors Students’ Social Media Surrounding PARCC

Pearson, the company administering the PARCC test in New Jersey, is monitoring social media accounts to ensure students don't share test questions.

Only One New Charter School Gets Go-Ahead, While Two Others Must Close

While renewing 14 charters for existing schools, state officials also rejected closely watched plans to turn two Camden public schools into charters.

Education Commissioner Defends PARCC Test

Education Commissioner David Hespe told the Senate Education Committee that the PARCC test is a new way to measure achievement, not unlike previous assessments.