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NJ Students Return From Trip To Sri Lanka

A group of Montclair students got to travel to Sri Lanka as part of Guru Travel, a summer service program. The students got the opportunity to help the wild elephant population and teach English to children in Sri Lanka.

Woodland Park Sets Ordinance Fining Parents For False Addresses

Woodland Park is issuing a $2,000 fine for "border hoppers" -- or students who fake their addresses to attend different schools.

Report Found Rutgers Football Coach in Violation of University Policy

A 21-page investigative report done by Rutgers University Robert Barchi found that head football coach Kyle Flood had violated University policy when he contacted a professor on the academic status of one of his players.

NJTV News Exclusive: Interview with Rutgers President On Football Controversies

Following an internal investigation into emails sent by Rutgers coach Kyle Flood, he's been given a three game suspension and fined $50,000.

Junius Williams on Newark Schools: Change Has to Come From the Bottom Up

Junius Williams says charter schools, which account for 28 percent of the Newark school population, are run like independent school districts. The general population, the 72 percent that remain, should be planned by the parents, community activists and students in order to tailor school budgets to specific needs, he says.

Michael Hill and Steve Adubato Discuss “Newark at a Crossroads” Special

NJTV News Correspondent Michael Hill and Steve Adubato discuss the series Newark at a Crossroads.

Playgrounds in Hamilton in Time Out After Finding Hazardous Conditions

Playgrounds in all 17 elementary schools in Hamilton have been closed after hazardous conditions were found at one school.

College Graduates Participate in Paterson School Community Corps, Focusing on Community Development

Recent college graduates take part of the Paterson Community Schools Corps, a program run through the New Jersey Community Development Corporation. Through the program participants focus on community and economic development, education, youth programming and affordable housing.

Rutgers Holds Closed Door Meeting Surrounding Football Controversies

The arrest of 11 football players and the controversy surrounding coach Kyle Flood led to an emergency meeting with the Rutgers Board of Governors.

270 Special Education Kids Left Without Transportation in Paterson

Problems around busing in Paterson have raised concerns for parents. 270 special education students were never picked up for school and one second grader who fell asleep on the bus had to be returned to school after the driver realized the child was still on board the bus as it was returning to the depot.