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College Graduates Participate in Paterson School Community Corps, Focusing on Community Development

Recent college graduates take part of the Paterson Community Schools Corps, a program run through the New Jersey Community Development Corporation. Through the program participants focus on community and economic development, education, youth programming and affordable housing.

Rutgers Holds Closed Door Meeting Surrounding Football Controversies

The arrest of 11 football players and the controversy surrounding coach Kyle Flood led to an emergency meeting with the Rutgers Board of Governors.

270 Special Education Kids Left Without Transportation in Paterson

Problems around busing in Paterson have raised concerns for parents. 270 special education students were never picked up for school and one second grader who fell asleep on the bus had to be returned to school after the driver realized the child was still on board the bus as it was returning to the depot.

Teaching Kids in Trenton Go-Kart Racing

Living Hope Racing School introduces kids to go-kart racing in Trenton.

“The Prize” Author Discusses Changes within Newark Schools Before and After $100 Million Donation

"The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools” author Dale Russakoff discussed the $100 million donation that was made by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg towards Newark schools. She says that the donation led to changes within the Newark school district -- both good and bad.

Rutgers Football Players Arrested On Criminal Charges

Five Rutgers' football players were arrested on criminal charges from assault to burglary.

Doctors Study Adolescent Sleeping Patterns

Doctor at JFK Medical Center are studying adolescent sleep patterns and say that students are not getting the quality time of sleep to consolidate their learning.

Around 85 Percent of NJ Middle and High Schools Start Before Recommended Start Time

The American Association of Pediatrics says adolescents need eight and a half to nine and a half hours of sleep every night. A lack of sleep can lead to poor performance in school and even health problems, like depression or obesity.

Rutgers Students Participate In Sexual Conduct Study

About 11,000 Rutgers students participated in a sexual violence survey, as part of a White House task force questionnaire. The results revealed that about a quarter of the university's freshmen women experiences some form of sexual violence or harassment before they got to Rutgers.

Rutgers Announces New Honors College, Featuring Residential Building and Seminar Rooms

Rutgers University announced its new Honors College, set to draw the best and brightest. The program will feature a 550-bed residential building, seminar rooms and social spaces.