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Superintendent Cerf Stands Up For Newark Schools

Newark superintendent Chris Cerf discusses One Newark, the district's debt and the process of gaining back local control.

State Releases PARCC Test Questions

The state released 800 test questions from the spring PARCC exam taken by students in grades 3 through 11. Preliminary results show that less than half of New Jersey students met the new performance goals set by the state in either math or English.

‘Bridging The Gap’ by Offering Free or Half-Price Tuition at Rutgers Camden

Rutgers Camden says it’s the first in the state to offer free or half-price tuition. To qualify, students must be a New Jersey resident that graduated from high school. Those from families earning $60,000 or less would qualify for free tuition, and families earning $60,001 to $100,000 would qualify for half-price tuition.

Cerf Reassures Nearly Empty Auditorium That Newark’s School Budget is in Order

There was a low turnout at the most recent Newark school board's special budget hearing. Superintendent Chris Cerf maintained that the current $13 million budget gap will close by the end of the year, despite flat funding from the state.

Cerf Sails Through Annual Report in Front of State Board of Ed.

Newark superintendent Chris Cerf presented a state-mandated annual report on the status of Newark's state-controlled schools.

School Board Elections: the Race No One Wants to Run

School Board elections can often grow contentious, controversial and in the case of New Jersey this year, uncontested. 522 school districts will select board candidates today, but most of the seats have just one or none running.

Major Cuts Happen at Rider University

Rider University announced the termination of 14 majors, the move of three others down to a minor and the layoff of 14 full-time faculty due to budget cuts. The cuts will save the university $2 million a year, as they try to close a $7.5 million budget gap.

Non-Profit Gives Students the Instruments to Succeed

Little Kids Rock is a national non-profit that trains public school teachers to teach kids popular music that they can relate to. The program purchases new instruments like guitars, drums, keyboards and microphones, and donates them to schools. Since 2002 Little Kids Rock has reached more than 400,000 kids in schools throughout the nation.

Ten Percent of New Jersey Students are Chronically Absent

Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10 percent or more school days. New Jersey has a 180-day school year, that means missing 28 days or more a school year, or two days a month. Chronic absenteeism has a ripple effect on test scores and graduation rates.

Creating a Culture of Health at Rutgers’ Newest Institute

The 80,000-square foot New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health Institute cost $55 million to build with private donations and taxpayer help, but the lives it intends to save are countless.