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Study: Don’t Make Mortgage Industry Mistakes with Charter Schools

A study has warned policy makers to beware of treating the charter school industry like the mortgage industry in the mid-2000s.

Special Education Task Force Finds Recommendations Got Little Attention

Jean Pasternak, who serves on a task force to improve special education in public schools, says more can be done to help students learn.

America’s Oldest — and Most Adorable — Teacher Turns 102 Tuesday

Agnes Zhelesnik turns 102 Jan. 12. She is arguably the oldest employed teacher in America, working in North Plainfield.

How Henry Rowan Changed Glassboro State Forever

Henry Rowan and his family foundation gave $100 million donation, the largest private one ever given to a public school.

No Separation for Public and Private High School Football and Wrestling

State Education Commissioner David Hespe overturned a ruling that would separate public and private schools into their own conferences for football and wrestling.

Rigorous Academics Cause For Debate

Students in the West Windson-Plainsboro school district are known for having high academic standards. After finding overly-stressed kids, the district relaxed some of its rules, however some parents fear this "dumbing down" of the curriculum will negatively affect their kids.

Sleep Study Finds Texting Source of Sleep Deprivation in Teens

The one-year study in Edison school district showed that over 60 percent of students are not getting enough sleep because of late night texting or phone use.

Rutgers Terrorism Medicine Course First of Its Kind

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School is one of the first to develop techniques in the field of terror medicine. The training covers how to get to patients and how to take care of people in the event of a terrorist incident.

Rutgers Newark Creates Free Tuition Program

Newark has one of the lowest rates of residents that go to college at 17 percent. Rutgers Newark hopes to increase this number to 25 percent in the next ten years through a free tuition program for those with financial need.

Assessing Students’ Readiness for College and Careers

While the two are often lumped together, educators say college and career readiness should be looked at separately because they do not have the same criteria.