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Trenton Plans to Cut 165 Public School Employees, Close Early Childhood Center

The Trenton school district is adopting a $299 million budget, with a $6 million hole. That means cutting 165 employees and closing an early childhood center that serves special needs students.

Lakewood Schools Face Deep Cuts

The Lakewood school district is $12 million in debt. The proposed budget, which the school board condemned and the superintendent refused to certify, would cut 68 teachers, which could lead to class sizes of 40.

Newark Begins Testing Children for Lead Poisoning

After 30 Newark schools were found to have elevated levels of lead in the water, the district has begun blood testing children.

Students Learn the Power of 3D Printing

Montclair's K-12 students are learning about 3D printing thanks to training from the Picatinny Aresnal.

Poor PARCC Scores Could Put Graduation in Jeopardy

New Jersey students who didn't take the PARCC test or got failing marks will have to demonstrate they meet graduation requirements through alternatives.

City and State Point Fingers When Screening Newark Students for Lead

Water filters on pipes in some Newark public schools show the district has been battling elevated lead levels in the drinking water for some time. Newark and the state are each saying the other is working to conduct lead testing for city students.

Newark Schools Want to Test Students’ Blood for Lead

After finding elevated levels of lead in the water at 30 schools, the Newark public school system is seeking permission to conduct blood tests on students.

Program Helps Schools Fund Field Trips

Field Trip New Jersey, a program started in January by the Community Foundation of New Jersey and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, has awarded 83 schools grants to help offset the cost of educational field trips.

Questions Surround Discovery of Lead in Newark Schools’ Water

Some parents and teachers are questioning why the public school district waited nearly a week to alert them to the discovery of elevated levels of lead in the water at 30 schools.

Elevated Levels of Lead Found in Water at Newark Schools

Water testing at several public schools in Newark found elevated levels of lead. The district has shut off all drinking water fountains at the affected schools and bottled water is being used.