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Newark Superintendent Discusses School Funding

Newark Superintendent Chris Cerf discusses Gov. Chris Christie's "Fairness Formula", student achievement standards and regaining local control.

Rutgers Launches Food Pantry for Students

Rutgers New Brunswick has opened a food pantry this fall to help students in need of food.

Audit: NJ School Funding System is Flawed

A state audit found New Jersey school funding isn’t based on current enrollment and demographics data and the gap is particularly wide among special education students.

WQXR Drive Brings Instruments to Newark Students

Classical radio station WQXR held an instrument drive and brought the collected items to Harriet Tubman Middle School in Newark for the students.

Bill Would Implement Strict School Return Policy After Concussions

A proposed bill would require students with concussions to have permission from a health care provider before going back to school.

Christie Files Lawsuit Challenging Abbott Decision

Gov. Christie has filed a lawsuit asking New Jersey’s Supreme Court to basically break its own landmark Abbott v. Burke decision and claims collective bargaining restrictions with teacher unions are unconstitutional.

Yes, ‘YOLO’ Has Been Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary has added new words like squee, YOLO and Oompa Loompa to the dictionary in an effort to preserve the English language.

These are the Factors Behind Chronic Absenteeism in NJ

Kids who are chronically absent, or missing 10 percent or more school days a year, often have the lowest test scores in math and reading. The main issues were lack of transportation, housing and health issues.

A Teacher Reconnects with His Lost Student

Montclair teacher Dan Gill discusses one of his star middle school students, Touree Moses, who fell by the wayside and is currently serving a 15-year sentence for murder.

Young Adults and the Right to Medical Record Privacy

One mother was unable to find out her son's condition at a hospital because of HIPAA rules that prevented the nurse from providing any information.